Beginning in fall 2019, Bethel College students and faculty will have access to an expanded selection of low-cost textbooks and course materials, along with personalized, 24/7 online shopping.

Akademos provides higher education institutions with a full-service online platform to manage course materials. Calling itself “more than just an online bookstore,” the service is designed to streamline course adoptions and meet compliance regulations for faculty, and simplify purchase of and access to materials through a personalized portal for students.

By leveraging the new Akademos course materials platform, the Bethel community will benefit from a more transparent, convenient and cost-effective way of managing physical and digital textbooks and measuring how students use them.

In addition, Akademos assures a comprehensive guaranteed buyback program that not only offers instant buyback at any time but locks in buyback pricing at the beginning of each semester.

This means students can make their purchases knowing exactly what they will get back when they are finished using their books.

“At Bethel College, we are continually seeking ways to help our students succeed, and a large part of that is improving textbook affordability to ensure every student has his or her textbooks available at low prices and on the first day of class,” said Robert Milliman, Bethel's vice president for academic affairs. “Akademos’ online platform perfectly aligns with this objective. Transitioning to a centralized, online bookstore is an innovative solution towards offering our students better service and lower prices.”

The platform will also support Bethel faculty and administrators with a comprehensive course materials adoption process that includes a step-by-step guide for selections, recommendations and past adoption history, along with the ability to compare prices in real time.

The paired analytics dashboard will give increased visibility to the entire management process, with the ability to track critical data, including student purchasing and use, and communicate with faculty and students via built-in notifications.

“We are excited to partner with Bethel College to provide administration, faculty and students powerful and personalized tools that will streamline every step in the course materials management process,” said Akademos CEO Raj Kaji.

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