Don’t limit yourself to just growing summer vegetables in your garden. The season is way longer than that! I am trying to plant more fall vegetables in my garden. Greens are mainly my target fall plants to grow.

Plant salad crops, such as lettuce, radishes, spinach, turnips, mustard and other greens, from mid-August to early September for a fall harvest. Plant slightly deeper than you did in the spring. This will keep the seed slightly cooler, though still warm, and the soil should retain moisture longer.

Water frequently (if needed) until seedlings start to emerge — which should be fast with our warmer soils. Watering heavy soils can sometimes cause a crust to form. This can be prevented by a light sprinkling of peat moss, vermiculite or compost directly over the row. Reduce watering frequency after plants emerge. Plants may need to be protected from hungry rabbits and insects.

Other vegetables to try for fall crops are beets, kale and cabbage. Depending on the number of days the vegetable needs to produce, you can also have luck growing sweet corn, cucumber and squash.


— Scott Eckert is a Kansas State Research and Extension Agent for Harvey County. Horticulture is his specialty. The Harvey County Extension Office can be contacted at 284-6930.