Harvey County Economic Development recently announced the expansion of Martin Machine & Welding in Halstead.

The building expansion will add 7,500 square feet to the existing facility at 200 Industrial Road, Halstead. This expansion represents a capital investment of $691,000 and 30 new jobs over the next five years.

“This company is a major employer in Halstead and Harvey County and we appreciate their continued investment and decision to grow locally,” said Beth Shelton, executive director of economic development for Harvey County. "Hopefully with the new job creation they can capture employees who choose to live there and spend money in Halstead and Harvey County. That's the ultimate goal with creating new jobs."

“It has been the city’s privilege to work with Martin Machine & Welding on this expansion project and to help accommodate their continued growth. Martin Machine has been a great corporate citizen in Halstead for over 30 years, providing quality local jobs and giving back to the greater community in terms of their support of community activities and events," said Mayor William Ewert. "Halstead is truly fortunate to have such a business located in our city.”

Martin Machine & Welding is a custom welding and fabrication shop that manufactures products to exact customer specifications.

Already having expanded a couple of times previously, Shelton noted continued growth and taking on business from international companies led to this latest move from the company. Doing so and staying in Halstead is big not only for the county, but for the city as well.

"That's the expansion that we love to see because that means they're happy where they're located," Shelton said. "We're providing them the support that they need, because they can basically expand anywhere, and so when they choose to expand locally it's just a good reflection on the community."

For more information on the company, visit https://martinmachineandwelding.com.