For Jack Polley and Tristin Wheeler, it was a Monday morning working at Casey's General Store they are likely not to forget for some time. 

The store, located at the intersection of First and Meridian, was struck by a car. 

"I was just on the register, and this all happened," Polley said. "I was like, what is protocol, what do we do?"

Calling 911 was at the top of the list. Newton Fire/EMS and Newton Police responded to the accident. There was visible damage to the building's brick facade. The building is, according to Newton Fire/EMS, not at risk of collapse.

Customers joked the store should put in a drive-through.

Assistant manager Tristin Wheeler made sure 911 was called, then began assessing the damage. A vehicle hopped a sidewalk and struck the front of the building.

"They tried to brake but accelerated instead," Wheeler said. "We heard the crash, someone fell and there was smoke. They backed up. We just have to keep this area clear."

The business remained open on Monday afternoon.

Polley said he knew the driver of the vehicle. No one was injured in the crash.

"He is not going to live this down," Polley said. "I do feel bad for him."