When a teller at First Bank of Newton was counting a church offering for deposit Friday, something wasn't quite right. 

Specifically, a $50 bill seemed a little off.

"It looks like it was a $5 bill that was washed to look like a $50," said Detective Craig Douglass with the Newton Police Department.  "The teller kept looking at it, and coming back to it because he said something just did not look right about it."

According to police, the teller marked it with a counterfeit detection marker, and the bill passed the test. But the teller kept checking the bill. 

"Ink was bleeding through it and there was something not right," Douglass said. "He checked the security strip, and it was a five."

The name of the church that made the deposits not being released. It is unlikely criminal charges will be filed. 

"Who could have passed it, or who would have passed it, we really have no clue," Douglass said. "It is possible the person who gave it did not know. That is very possible. It is also possible the person did know full well."