NORTH NEWTON. – Bethel College announces the names of students whose spring 2019 semester grades have earned academic distinction.

To earn semester honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 letter-graded hours and not have an I (Incomplete), NR (Not Reported) or IP (In Process) in any letter-graded courses, with the exception of seminars.

Students whose semester grade point average is 3.7 or higher are named to the Dean’s List, while those with a GPA of 3.50-3.699 are listed as members of the Honor Roll. Class designations are made according to the number of hours completed.



Nathan Garber, Newton

Jerod Kaufman, Moundridge

Mia Loganbill, Hesston

Jessie Thomas, Sedgwick

Samuel Wilson, North Newton


Anna Lubbers, Peabody

Addie Regier, Newton

Abby Schmidt, Newton

Autumn Strecker, Goessel

Laura Tran, North Newton


*Caleb Allen, Moundridge

Sarah Balzer, Inman

*Baylie Blouin, Moundridge

*Sarah Booth, Goessel

*Connor Born, North Newton

Carine Claassen, Whitewater

Taylor Edson, Newton

Naomi Epp, North Newton

Zach Esau, Hesston

*Nathan Gamache, Halstead

Heath Goertzen, Goessel

Abby Harders, Moundridge

*Katrina Heinrichs, Hesston

*Emily Knight, Moundridge

Ryan LaCombe, Newton

*Alec Loganbill, Hesston

*Allyson Pearce, Hesston

*Elizabeth Ratzlaff, Moundridge

Adam Sigwing, Halstead

*Neil Smucker, North Newton

*Bailey Strausz, Moundridge

*Anna Stucky, Moundridge

Luke Unruh, Goessel

Kendrick Weaver, Hesston

Anna Wiens, Goessel


Libby Schrag, Newton

* denotes graduating senior



Linda Moyo, Hesston


Kelly Habeggar, Hesston

Jordan Singh, Newton


Shawn Bontrager, North Newton

*Elsie Deckert, North Newton

Kaycee McClelland, Newton

Samantha Simmons, Newton

Elizabeth Tran, North Newton

The following area students graduated from Bethel College May 19:

Caleb Allen, Moundridge – B.S.*, Business Administration

Baylie Blouin, Moundridge – B.S., Social Work

Sarah Booth, Goessel – B.A.*, Art

Connor Born, North Newton – B.A.***, Biology

Elsie Deckert, Newton – B.A., Natural Sciences

Nathan Gamache, Halstead – B.A.***, Natural Sciences

Heath Goertzen, Goessel – B.A.***, Biology, Chemistry

Anna Grimsley, Hesston – B.S.N.*, Nursing

Tami Grosch, Hesston – B.S., Social Work

Katrina Heinrichs, Hesston – B.A.**, Art

Emily Knight, Moundridge – B.S.N.***, Nursing

Emily Kondziola, North Newton – B.A.*, Communication Arts, Peace and Conflict Studies

Alec Loganbill, Hesston – B.A.***, History

Allyson Pearce, Hesston – B.S.***, Elementary Education

Nick Preheim, Peabody – B.A.***, Elementary Education

Austin Prouty, Newton – B.A.*, Business Administration, Graphic Design

Elizabeth Ratzlaff, Moundridge – B.A.***, English/Secondary Education

Michelle Schrag, Moundridge – B.A.**, Biology

Rebecca Schrag, Newton – B.A.**, Graphic Design

Lara Scott, Newton – B.S.*, Athletic Training

Garrett Smith, Burrton – B.A.*, Natural Sciences

Neil Smucker, North Newton – B.A.***, Mathematical Sciences, Music

Bailey Strausz, Moundridge – B.A.***, Elementary Education

Anna Stucky, Moundridge – B.S.N.***, Nursing

Sarah Turner, North Newton – B.A., Business Administration

Serena Wong, North Newton – B.S.***, Business Administration

Mackenzie Young, Peabody – B.S., Social Work

* = cum laude (with honors), 3.500-3.649 GPA

** = summa cum laude (with high honors), 3.650-3.799 GPA

*** = magna cum laude (with highest honors), 3.800-4.0 GPA