A change to the Newton skyline; 'White stuff' explained

A (temporary) change in the skyline

The Newton skyline will have a temporary addition on Thursday. A crane will hover over Newton Medical Center, part of a $1.8 million construction project to bring updated MRI and Nuclear technology to the facility. The crane will remove the current MRI machine, which weighs more than 5 tons and requires a 64 square foot hole in the wall for extraction.

'White stuff' explained

Users of the Sand Creek walking path spotted a milky white substance coming out the storm drains recently and what they were seeing has been explained.

"City inspectors yesterday were able to trace the white substance to Santa Fe Middle School," said Erin McDaniel, communications director for the city of Newton. "This seems to have been an honest mistake by district staff but it was an illegal discharge under the City’s stormwater regulations, and the school district will be levied a fine of $100."

According to the school district, employees were disposing of waste from stripping and waxing the floor by pouring it down a stormwater drain after being told to flush it down the drain by a supplier. Flushing it would have sent it to the sanitary sewer system, rather than the storm sewer system. 

The district issued a statement Wednesday morning stating "The district is taking this issue very seriously and is looking into what led to this mistake. The maintenance department will also retrain its staff on proper disposal."