I read the Newton Kansan article: "Kansas A to Z: 'E' is for Eisenhower" on June 3.  I have been to Abilene countless times and have been inside the Eisenhower boyhood home (although technically he was born in Texas) and the nearby Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene.

I even took my late mother to Abilene in a wheelchair. Guides thought I couldn't get her up the few minimal steps. But, back then, I was burly and muscular and didn't even have her step out. I manhandled and lifted her up — wheelchair and all.  It was nice to see the 1940s/50s decor. She loved it.  I liked it. I have only been to Ike's presidential library and President Harry Truman's home and presidential library in Independence, Missouri. 

If anyone is visiting Abilene, I'd encourage them to visit Ike's boyhood home, library and his final resting-place -- but make a special point to see how close the railroad tracks are.   Back in that era, air travel was limited. Steam locomotives were the norm, so it is really an educational experience as well as a throwback in time.  Put it on your to do list as well as Truman's library. You'll never forget the ambiance and feeling of the respective "Western White Houses."  That is probably why Truman and Ike loved "whistle-stop campaigning."

— James Marples, Esbon