Kudos to Harvey County and Halstead City crews

With all of the recent flooding, the importance of the Halstead flood levy and the importance of the work done by county crews across Harvey County is clearly illustrated.

The City of Halstead crew did a great job of monitoring the floodwaters and working to ensure that the west gate was shut and the ability of the other two to be shut before allowing floodwaters in to damage Halstead.

One vitally important task they perform is to shut the gate valves for the storm sewers to prevent floodwaters from backing up into Halstead long before the waters would come out of the river banks.

That adds the task of setting up the PTO pumps and tractors to power them in order to pump the storm sewers out to help prevent flooding from backed up rainwater.

Kudos to the entire City of Halstead crew for keeping up on those tasks.

Additional kudos to those volunteers who showed up to fill sandbags and put them in place.

Be sure to thank them when you see them out and about.

As the floodwaters recede, be sure to thank those like Phil Schmidt who do the dangerous job of removing tangled trees and branches from under and against the bridges.

Hopefully that large log jam just downstream from the Main Street Bridge will be able to be cleared out before another round of flooding will add to its size and make removal even more difficult.

And then finally, let's be sure to keep a close eye out for damage to the Levy as well as damage to the iconic Halstead Dam & Falls. It's vital that they be maintained properly and in good repair to avoid any possible breaches or damaging clogs. Preventing vehicle traffic from damaging the levy, as well as keeping damaging growth removed before becoming large enough to weaken the levy, is of utmost importance to keep done in a proactive rather than a reactive manner.

Because as sure as it'll rain again, there's going to be floodwaters again, and keeping the levy and dam in good repair will prove time and again an excellent investment in the safety and well being of Harvey County, Halstead and its citizens.

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead