Wedgewood Senior Men

1. Rob Yonkin, Brian Curtis, Jerry Schmidt, Dale Dick -3.

2. Wes Brooks, Lou Eftink, Bill Young, Dennis Carter -2.

3. Rick Tolin, Ron Black, Paul Normandin -1.

Closest to pin 3 — Dick Morrison. Closest to pin 9 on second shot — Lou Eftink.

Next play — 9 a.m. Thursday.

Heat team

finishes 3-1

The G2 Heat 14U-Lange team finished 3-1 Saturday in a tournament.

The Heat downed the Kansas Renegades 7-2, Clay Center B 8-7, the Adrenaline 4-3 and lost to Stike Zone Select 7-4.

Against the Kansas Renegades, Addy Mueller pitched the win. Brookelyn Barnett had two hits. Allyson Lange, Rylee Schaffer, Piper Seidl and Carly Wilhelm each drove in a run.

Against Clay Center, Barnett had two hits and two RBIs. Mueller and Amie Yoder each drove in a run. Gabby Dalbom struck out three in the win.

Against the Adrenaline, Emily Wedel had two hits. Lange, Seidl, Schaffer and Chana Wolf each drove in a run. Mueller pitched the win. Wilhelm pitched the last two outs for the save.

Against the Strike Zone Select, Seidl had two hits. Lange, Yoder and Wilhelm each drove in a run. Dalbom pitched the loss.

The Heat is 6-3.

Rule changes

set for basketball

INDIANAPOLIS — The National Federation of State High School Associations has approved seven rule changes for high school basketball.

Beginning with the 2024-25 season, a number on a player’s jersey can no longer be the same color as the jersey itself. Currently, a number can be the same color as the jersey if the number is bordered by a contrasting color.

“A five-year implementation date was approved to allow schools time to budget for purchasing new uniforms.”

A new rule recommends, but does not require, the use of a mouthguard. The NFHS will leave it up to state associations whether or not to require the use of a mouthguard.

Players may now roll or fold their shorts “at the natural waistband seam.”

The maximum width of a headband has been changed from two to three inches, the same width allowed in volleyball. Hair control devices will have no color restrictions.

Assistant coaches will now be allowed to enter the court with the head coach to restore order when a fight breaks out on the court.

“It can be difficult for officials to separate players involved in a fight on the court,” Theresia Wynns, NFHS director of sports and officials, said. “This change will allow assistant coaches to enter the court with the head coach to assist officials in regaining control of the situation and restoring player safety.”

The final rule change is a change in signal from the referees when a held ball occurs.

“Now, when a held ball occurs, the covering official(s) shall stop the clock using Signal #2 (straight arm, open palm extended) while simultaneously sounding the whistle.”

All of the rule changes, with the exception of the jersey restrictions, will go into effect beginning this winter.