Courtney Grosch is ending her collegiate career at Wichita State University with quite the bang — earning a distinction handed out to only a select few Shockers.

Grosch was recently named to the 2019 Class of Senior Honors at WSU, recognized as one of the most prestigious awards a Wichita State student can receive. Since the inception of the Senior Honors in 1917, slightly more than 1,000 students have been selected for this honor — an honor given to less than 1 percent of all Wichita State students.

Selection is based not only on commitment to academic excellence, but also on campus involvement and contributions to the greater Wichita community, academic standing and oral and written communication skills. Along with the academic and service, Grosch also had to apply and go through an interview process before being chosen as one of this year's Senior Honors.

While Grosch — an outgoing graduate of the WSU College of Business, double majoring in economics and marketing — will also be receiving general honors when she walks this weekend (for graduating with a GPA above 3.5), she noted the Senior Honor stands out because of all that it takes into account.

"I don't think it's necessarily hit me yet just because I haven't walked across the stage, but what it really means to me is that all my hard work paid off and all the time and commitment I spent in my different activities, other people saw the value in it. While I saw the value in it, that's nice, but it's kind of nice when other people recognize that value as well."

On top of her academic achievements, Grosch was also heavily involved in the community during her time at WSU — both on campus and beyond. She was a member of Greek life as well as traditional student housing life — working as a resident assistant.

Additionally, Grosch had a couple of internships (with Koch Industries and Alyss Analytics) and also volunteered her time with local organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Heartspring — as a "Girls on the Run" coach with the latter. While Grosch admitted a lot of her involvement was a continuation of her high school efforts, she was also inspired to some of that by her personal experiences in a new environment.

"I also wanted to get involved with some of the things, like being a resident assistant, because I saw the impact that my resident assistant made for me when I was a freshman and so I wanted to be able to impact other students when they first came to Wichita State," Grosch said.

Following graduation, Grosch is set to go to take a position at Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, in consumer insights and analytics.

Down the road, Grosch said she may look to attend law school and pursue the practice of international business law — and she said receiving this prestigious honor from WSU is something that gives her confidence in those potential endeavors.

"Something that kind of propels me forward that I learned from all of this, I guess, is to not be afraid to take risks and to take all the opportunities that come at you — just because you don't know where those opportunities could lead and you may regret if you don't just take the chance with them," Grosch said. "I think it just makes me want to take risks if I want to go to grad school and know that I do have the potential."