Rep. Tim Hodge voted against lowering the sales tax on food. Kansas is one of only 14 states that tax food at the full sales tax rate. Neighboring Missouri taxes food at a rate of 1.2 percent. In Colorado and Nebraska the rate is zero.

Unfortunately, Rep. Hodge has been shown with his voting record to be part of the new Democratic Party Socialist alliance. We elected a big government guy who believes that he knows how to spend your hard-earned money better than you know how to spend your own. Rep. Hodge will always say that he is for the "little guy." But what is the "little guy" really wanting? He wants a good-paying steady job in an economy that will support his family. He is not looking forward to relying on government benefits and a welfare check.

My question to Rep. Hodge is, “What will it take for you to vote to lower the sales tax on food that would benefit the 'little guy?' "

Of course we already know his standard answer. Increase taxes on businesses that create jobs and tax the only two billionaires that reside in our state. It appears that Rep. Hodge's main goal since his election has been to redistribute wealth so as to expand his ideals of a Socialist utopian state.

— Edward Myers, Newton