The following is a list of road closures issued by Harvey County Emergency Management.


5/10/19 as of 8:00

N Oliver between NE 60th & NE 72nd

5/9/19 as of 15:00

HWY 50 from Meridian in Newton to Yoder exit in Hutch

N Burmac from NW 48th to NW 60th

Sedgwick is accessible only from the north on Ridge or the east 125th

Worthington between Ave G & 4th (Reno)

Rayl between Ave G & 4th (Reno)

9000 SW 36th

SW 84th between S Willow Lake & S River Park

5/9/19 as of 08:00

Halstead Rd from Hwy 50 south to the dike

Halstead Rd north of of Hwy 50

W 1st from Mission to Emma Creek

SW 24th from Mission to Emma Creek

S Meridian from 24th to 36th

K89 from Halstead to Hwy 50

S Old Settlers from Hwy 50 to 1st St

East Park

5/8/19 as of 16:30

North of Hwy 50 between Halstead Rd & River Park roads are hit and miss

SW 36th @ S Emma Creek Rd

5/8/19 as of 12:30

1800-1900 block of N Hoover @ bridge

N Halstead Rd between W 1st & NW 12th

N Hoover ½ mile north of 1st St at bridge

108th & N Hoover at bridge

4th & Madison to the west – Sedgwick

Madison from 1st to 4th St - Sedgwick

5/7/19 as of 17:00

Bluestem Point @ East Lake (auth/P4)

NE 12th between East Lake’s Bluestem (auth/P8)

S Emma Creek @ SW 96th (auth/Jim Meier)

9900 NE 96th

NW 24th between Meridian & West Rd

S Mission Rd N & S of Hwy 50, also north of 1st st

NW 24th W & E of Ridge

NW 24th west of N Mission

N Ridge Rd between NW 12th & NW 36th NW 72nd

West Park




5/9/19 as of 8:00

N River Park from NW 24th to 72nd

5/8/19 as of 16:30

S Sandhill Rd north & south of Hwy 50

5/8/19 as of 12:30

SW 36th @ S Prairie Lake Rd

SW 48th between Essex Heights & Hertzler

9200 S West Rd

SW 48th between S Meridian & S West Rd

3917 S Meridian Rd (1/4 mile east)

6200 S West Rd

5400 W 1st

5/7/19 as of 17:00

S Woodlawn @ 1st St (S of Woodlawn)

SW 48th @ S Kansas

SW 125th @ S Kansas

NE 12th between N Gracehill & East Lake

SW 48th @ S Hertzler