A city text messaging system issued five different flood warnings, with different expiration times and dates, May 7 following several storm filled nights in the area. 

The problem with those warnings is that none of them were really for Newton.

"There is not (at this time) a flood warning for Newton," said Erin McDaniel, director of communications for the city. "We have heard that Halstead, Sedgwick, Marion and some of these places near us are having flood issues but we have not had any problems in the city as of yet.."

The city messaging system sent 12 messages in a 12 hour period, including storm warnings for other counties. The system sent three flood warnings in just a few minutes, and five in the morning hours, on May 7. Each of them had a different time for ending the warning — and that leads to some confusion.

"It is confusing to Newton people, and probably annoying to Newton people. We don't want them to turn off the texts because it is so annoying, and then not receive real city announcements," McDaniel said. 

McDaniel said that the texts do include links to the weather service warnings that can clear up some of that confusion. 

"It will tell you the details about where, exactly, it is talking about," McDaniel said.

When checking the links that came with the warnings May 7, alerts for Florence, Marion County, Marion, Towanda and Alta Mills were found.

"The system is set up to rebroadcast warnings from the National Weather Service automatically. No one at the city of Newton tells them to send those out," McDaniel said.