Berean Academy was selected by Chick Fil A at the W. Central Wichita location to host “Chick Fil A Leader Academy” for the high school students.

It is a three year grant and this was Berean’s second year, with had eight students in the program.

Seven of the sessions were spent learning about specific leadership skills- vision and values, service, teamwork, innovation, communication, impact, and passion.

As the students learned about these concepts through interactive teaching and discussion, they also practiced their skill through three different service projects:

The Big Thank You, students learned the importance and value of expressing gratitude to those that have changed our lives. They did this through blessing someone who personally impacted them, as well as through sending gifts and notes to military overseas.

Do Good December, the students aimed to impact children both locally and internationally and raised $350 through a loose change drive for an orphanage in Mexico, and gifted 320 toys to local charities for Christmas gifts for children.

Impact Project, where all the skills and lessons came together. Students decided to create 50 care packages for the homeless community in Wichita. Not only did the students choose their project, but also fundraised, advertised, coordinated dates and times, and delivered the gifts to homeless men and women on the streets of Wichita.

This was a big commitment for students as many of the service project planning and implementation time happened on their own time. They also enjoyed meeting monthly with the local Chick-Fil-A owner and lead staff from the Wichita location and hear them share insights and experiences in real-world leadership situations.

Here’s what some of the Berean students are saying:

“It was a big commitment, but it was worth it. I learned some new things about myself and how I can lead others.”

“The Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy made me think more about how I can make an impact. Just me! I can help change the world.”