I noted with interest that the City of Halstead is going to initiate a TNRP (Trap Neuter Release Program) when it comes to stray cats.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Phil Schmitt has been doing this at his own expense without taxpayer compensation or assistance for about 50 years.

It seems to me as if that calls for Phil to receive an award or certificate of appreciation from the City of Halstead.

After all, not only has he been taking care of stray cats by having them neutered or spayed, as well as making sure they have their shots, but he's done it all at his own expense without assistance from the City of Halstead nor receiving any taxpayer subsidies.

In effect, Phil has been foster parenting those cats to the benefit of the city of Halstead.

Surely that warrants the city of Halstead presenting Phil with an award in appreciation for his long efforts.

Maybe, while they're at it, they can "grandfather" in all of the stray/feral cats that Phil has humanely been taking care of at his own expense.

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead

 ecutive Director for the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Topeka