Moundridge Art students recently traveled to Marion to compete in the annual Central Kansas League Art Contest.

Moundridge took 20 students and earned 27 awards. Moundridge finished with seven first-place entries, seven second-place entries, five third-place entries and eight honorable mentions.

During the day the students traveled to Tabor College to tour the new Shari Fleming Center of Fine Arts and met Derek Hamm, the digital arts professor.

Moundridge results:

Mackenzie Porter: First Collage, First Print, First Clay Bookends, Second Oil Painting

Macy Craig: Honorable Mention Oil Painting

Aaron Green: First Clay Scene, Second Cut Paper, Third Colored Pencil, Third Oil Pastel, Honorable Mention Ink

Laura Ullom-Minnich: First Print

Ellika Ptacek: Second Clay Teapot

Zizi Sebrant: Second Cut Paper

Alahna Wheat: Honorable Mention Batik

Emma Green: First Colored Pencil, Third Collage, Honorable Mention Charcoal

Kira Jackson: Honorable Mention Colored Pencil

Kate Eichelberger: Second Clay Pot

Emma Blough: Honorable Mention Clay Pot

Alea Durst: Second Batik

Katie Stucky: Third Pencil, Honorable Mention Cut Paper

Ian Jenkins: Second Video

Luke Walls: Honorable Mention Digital Art

Silas Courtney: First Batik

Lizzy Kliewer: Third Mix Media