The Newton High School boys’ tennis team finished at a break-even point in Thursday’s Newton Invitational.

All four Newton entries finished 2-2, leading the Railers to a third-place finish out of eight teams.

Salina Central swept the meet, posting a perfect score of 64. Campus edged Newton for second 39-37. Derby and Emporia tied for fourth at 35. Hutchinson was sixth at 33, followed by Winfield at 19 and Wichita Heights at 12.

Salina Central put all four entries in the finals. In the singles finals, Brady Stack beat Austin Beatty 8-1. In the doubles finals, Reed McHenry and Max Shaffer downed Chase Courbet and McCabe Green 8-1.

Newton was led by the doubles team of Zeke Thompson and Seth Bontrager, which finished fourth at 2-2. The team of Daniel Buller and Joel Golubski finished 10th at 2-2.

In singles play, Jonah Schloneger finished sixth at 2-2. Miguel Molina finished 11th at 2-2.

“It was a a good day,” Newton coach Nick Sisson said. “The singles draw had six or seven state qualifiers in there, several state medalists. Everybody either lived up to, or beat, where they were seeded at. So I don’t mind 2-2 when you performed better than you were expected to. The doubles looked like they improved throughout the day. In the semifinals, (Thompson and Bontrager) went against part of the state championship team. In the singles, Miguel Molina won a couple matches, and that was good for him. Jonah Schloneger had a great week. He finished 10th out of 32 at the Ark City meet and finished well here.”

The Railers are now two weeks into the season with several tournaments under their belts.

“We’re on an upward slant,” Sisson said. “We’re probably two years away from being able to make a run for a state tournament of some kind. Our singles are starting to take form. Our doubles are looking good. Seth Bontrager, Daniel Buller and Joel Golubski will leave us this year, but we have 32 guys out, so we have a lot of guys ready to take some spots on varsity next year.”

Newton competes Tuesday at Salina Central.

“That will be tough, but they are all tough,” Sisson said. “The doubles statewide are incredibly deep — probably more than the singles, which is rare. It will be tough to medal in doubles this year.”


Newton Invitational


Team scores — Salina Central 64, Campus 39, Newton 37, Derby 35, Emporia 35, Hutchinson 33, Winfield 19, Wichita Heights 12.


First round — Evan Kruse C def. Michael Reimschisel WH 8-0, Austin Beatty SC def. Clayton Simmons D 8-6, Caedon Odette C def. Isaiah Pardo E 8-3, Bo Tolbert H def. Gabe Scognamglio WH 8-7 (7-1), Brady Stack SC def. Drake Lowe W 8-1, Jonah Schloneger N def. Wyatt Cahoone E 8-3, Joe Blake H def. Miguel Molina N 8-2, Ethan Kardin D def. Grayson Moreland W 8-2.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Beatty SC def. Kruse C 8-6, Odette C def. Tolbert H 8-3, Stack SC def. Schloneger N 8-5, Blake H def. Kardin D 8-2. Consolation: Simmons D def. Reimschisel WH 8-1, Scognamglio WH def. Pardo E 8-2, Cahoone E def. Lowe W 8-3, Molina N def. Moreland W 8-7 (7-4).

Semifinals — Championship: Beatty SC def. Odette C 8-4, Stack SC def. Blake H 8-5. Fifth-place bracket: Kruse C def. Tolbert H n/a, Schloneger N def. Kardin D 8-4. Ninth-place bracket: Simmons D def. Scognamglio W 8-2, Cahoone E def. Molina N 8-3. 13th-place bracket: Reimschisel WH def. Pardo E 8-0, Lowe W def. Moreland W 8-4.

Medal round — Championship: Stack SC def. Beatty SC 8-1. Third: Blake H def. Odette C 8-1. Fifth: Kruse C def. Schloneger N 8-3. Seventh: Tolbert H def. Kardin D 8-4. Ninth: Simmons D def. Cahoone E 8-4. 11th: Molina N def. Scognamglio W 8-4. 13th: Reimschisel WH def. Lowe W 8-5. 15th: Padro E def. Moreland W inj.def.


First round — McHenry-Shaffer SC def. Davis-Davis WH 8-0, Ramsey-Schmidt C def. Pankratz-Henderson H 8-0, Thompson-Bontrager N def. Everett-Norton W 8-0, Stutler-B.Kienholz E def. S.Simmons-Wood D 8-0, Courbot-Green SC def. Williams-Denning C 8-0, Cathcart-Noel D def. Addis-Green H 8-0, C.Keinholz-Moorman E def. Srsha-Uliah WH 8-2, Butler—Donham-Thompson W def. Buller-Glubski N 8-1.

Quarterfinals — Championship: McHenry-Schaffer SC def. Ramsey-Schmidt C 8-2, Thompson-Bontrager N def. Stutler-B.Kienholz E 8-5, Courbot-Green SC def. Cathcart-Noel D 8-2, C.Keinholz-Moorman E def. Butler—Donham-Thompson W 8-1. Consolation: Pankratz-Henderson H def. Davis-Davis WH 8-1, S.Simmons-Wood D def. Everett-Norton W 8-3, Williams-Denning C def. Addis-Green H 8-5, Buller-Golubski N def. Srsha-Uliah WG 8-6.

Semifinals — Championship: McHenry-Shaffer SC def. Thompson-Bontrager N 8-5, Courbot-Green SC def. C.Keinholz-Moorman E 8-7 (7-3). Fifth-place bracket: Ramsey-Schmidt C def. Stutler-B.Kienholz E 8-4, Butler—Donham-Thompson W def. Cathcart-Noel D 8-3. Ninth-place bracket: S.Simmons-Wood D def. Pankratz-Henderson H 8-7 (7-5), Buller-Golubski N def. Williams-Denning C 8-6. 13th-place bracket: Everett-Norton W def. Davis-Davis WH 8-0, Addis-Green H def. Srsha-Uliah WH 8-6.

Medal round — Championship: McHenry-Shaffer SC def. Courbot-Green SC 8-1. Third: C.Keinholz-Moorman E def. Thompson-Bontrager N 8-5. Fifth: Stuttler-B.Kienholz E def. Butler—Donham-Thompson W 8-3. Seventh: Cathcart-Noel D def. Ramsey-Schmidt C 8-5. Ninth: S.Simmons-Wood D def. Buller-Golubski N 8-2. 11th: Pankratz-Henderson H def. Williams-Denning C 8-7 (7-4). 13th: Everett-Norton W def Addis-Green H 8-4. 15th: Srsha-Ulian WH def. Davis-Davis WH 8-7 (7-5).