Students from Northridge, Sunset and Walton Elementary recently visited Maize South Middle School to make a donation to purchase physical education equipment for schools in Puerto Rico. 

The Newton USD 373 schools donated $1,000 for the purchase of a new game called PaddleZlam, which uses pickleball paddles and balls along with plastic cones. Each set costs about $60 from It is a team game, and a team of schools in Newton and Maize are working to send the game to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.

In the game, two teams comprised of two people compete in hitting a pickleball into or against a plastic cone. Points are scored based on where the ball lands — if it hits the cone or enters one of two openings on the cone.

Three USD 373 elementary schools worked with Maize South Middle School to send equipment to schools in Puerto Rico that were hit by Hurricane Maria.

The partnership between the two districts was created by Maize South Middle School physical education teacher Brandon Wolff and USD 373 physical education teacher Mario Nava.

To raise the money in USD 373, Nava donated some of the funds raised at his annual fundraiser on March 1. Nava hosts fun nights at the schools for third- and fourth-grade students, along with fun mornings for kindergarten through second-grade students. The fundraiser has a variety of fun activities for the elementary school children, including bounce houses and a chance to play PaddleZlam.

The funds raised are normally spent on new equipment for the district.