The call came in at about 10:50 a.m. March 13 — a report of an "older man" holding a gun to the forehead of a "younger man" in the 600 block of Sherman Circle in Newton.

A neighbor was watching the two men, who went back into the house.

The Newton Police Department responded with multiple units, sealing off the cul-de-sac the home was located in.

Shortly after being contacted by telephone by police, both men in the home came outside to meet police officers. They came out of the home unarmed.

"We interviewed both men that were in the house," said Eric Murphy, chief of police. "Neither one of them reported an assault or one pointing a gun at the other. They did say that there was a gun that one was showing the other. ... It was resolved without any issues."

However, after futher investigation one person was arrested. 

"This would be a domestic situation," Murphy said.

Reports have not yet been filed. Names of the arrested party have not yet been released.

No one was harmed during the incident or its resolution.

"Someone saw something and reported what they saw, and that is what we want," Murphy said. "... We responded the way we did in case there was if there was someone with a gun that wanted to start shooting. That is why we responded with the numbers we did, we also have to protect ourselves."