Students at Chisholm Middle School have been working on artwork that reflects the civil war, a special project of the seventh grade "gold pod."

"This project has been amazing for my students," said Monty Graber, teacher at Chisholm Middle School. "They had the chance to research primary source documents, write and interpret data from a variety of sources and also create items that show their individual strengths."

About 138 students used different forms of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, poems, graphic designs) to answer complex questions about the Civil War.

The questions they tackled included why slavery existed in America, who the compromise between the north and south failed and how the nation attempted to rebuild.

They will be host a special art show from 4 to 8 p.m. March 7 in McKinley Administrative Center, 308 E. First.

"After studying each topic, students created their art pieces into a portfolio," Graber said.  "What is on display was selected by the students and represent what they feel is their best product dealing with the issues they studied."