A recent piece on NBC as well as other information on the internet and on social networks regarding the price of insulin brought home what many people in this city, county and state as well as all the states in the country are facing. Persons with Type 1 Diabetes and those of us with Type 2 Diabetes who no longer have a functioning pancreas know that without insulin we would die. In other words, having insulin is necessary for T1D’s and some T2D’s. This is a lifesaving drug. The components to make the various forms of insulin have not changed since they were introduced to the public. But in recent years the cost of this product has sky rocketed. In 2009 the cost of a vial of insulin was $49.00. Today the cost of the same vial costs anywhere from $380.00 to $500.00. If you do not have good insurance the cost of insulin could mean the difference between paying for medicine, you need and paying your rent or your electric bill or some other bill or even eating.

The piece on NBC highlighted how some are now going to Mexico and Canada to get their insulin at a fraction of the cost that they pay in the United States. The piece on NBC stated that the things that they bought in Mexico for $1,000 would have cost $8,000 in the USA. The product bought in these countries is the same as it is in this country. This means that big pharma in this country is gouging us to no end. It is simply greed on their part. They may give any number excuses for the increase in the final cost to the customer, but the facts are there has been no change in the formula since the introduction of insulin so why are they charging the customer in some cases more than 10 times the cost of what it was just 10 years ago?

Meetings were held in the US House and the Senate this past week on this subject. I would encourage all of you to call or write your Senators and Representatives and tell them that the cost of this life saving drug needs to be reduced as soon as possible.

— Ronald Eggert, Newton.