1. Approved a rezoning request.


The commission voted 4-1, with Glen Davis the lone vote against, to rezone portions of Summer Crossing from single-family residential to R-3, multi-family residential.


The move opens the door for a senior housing project in the area of S. Anderson Avenue and Summer Drive (a platted but not constructed street).


The commission sent the request back to the planning and zoning commission .


At the Dec. 3 meeting the commission voted 3-2 to  deny the request. The planning commission stated the request was too large and should be reduced, and all property owners in Summer Crossing should have been notified — however legal notice statutes were satisfied and observed.


At the Jan. 8 meeting of the city commission, the city commission returned the application back to the planning and zoning commission for further review.


This month the planning and zoning commission voted 4-3 to approve the rezoning request.



2. Moved forward on the Law Enforcement Center.


A project to renovate the law enforcement center at 120 E. Seventh Street will move forward, with both the Newton City and Harvey County Commissions awarding bids for the project.


Tuesday both commissions approved a bid of $2,095,500 for construction services from Haman Huffman of Kechi and $156,473.46 for furniture from John A. Marshall Co.


The total project cost is estimated at more than $3.1 million. Of that cost, the city will pay an estimated $2.1 million and the count an estimated $1 million.




3. Helped Habitat

The commission voted unanimously to waive building permits fees, water meter fees, water hook-up fees and curb cut fees for a new Habitat for Humanity home to be constructed at 408 E. Fifth Street.