A death investigation centered on a road vehcile on the railroad tracks near Peabody delays Amtrak trains.

The Southwest Chief, a long distance passenger train operated by Amtrak, was delayed more than six hours Feb. 12 following an incident with a vehicle on the tracks near Peabody.

According to Amtrak, a vehicle was "obstructing the path of a train" at Peabody. The train stopped at about 2:34 a.m.

"We were delayed for the police and coroner or medical examiner response and to make some repairs to the locomotive that was damaged in the incident," said Marc Magliari, Public Relations Manager for Amtrak.

There were no injuries or deaths reported aboard the train, designated as train No. 3. The death investigation centered on a person in the road vehicle. No names or incident reports have yet been released by the Marion County Sheriff's Department, which investigated the incident.

Southwest Chief No. 3 was westbound towards Newton when the incident occurred.

Train No. 4, eastbound towards Topeka, was delayed in Newton while the accident was investigated and the area cleared.

"Most of the delay was to No. 3, and it was considerable," Magliari said.

The Southwest Chief is a long-distance train that connects Chicago and Los Angeles, providing one stop each direction each day to more than 30 cities in between including Topeka, Newton,  Hutchinson, Dodge City and Garden City. The Southwest Chief is the only Amtrak service in the state. Newton is the busiest Amtrak train station in the state.