The Newton High School bowling team held its second and final home meet of the season Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes with the Railer girls taking second out of three teams and the Railer boys finishing third.

Salina South won the girls’ meet at 2,306, followed by Newton at 1,710 and Cheney at 1,401. South won the boys’ meet at 2,424, with Cheney at 2,230 and Newton at 2,213.

“Our team score wasn’t necessarily higher than what we’ve been bowling,” Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. “(The boys) have been averaging around 2,200. What was different was everybody contributed. Some of our top bowler, their scores were down a little bit, but our 4-5-6 bowlers came up and that helped out. The girls were OK. They’ve been getting better every week. We had one girl injured, so our score was down a little bit. At the beginning of the year, we had a couple scores we could count on, now we have more balance. Our JV players are getting better and pushing our varsity.”

Salina South swept the girls’ competition with Bella Olson rolling the high series at 653, followed by Lauren Lust at 606 and Yessica Salinas at 489.

Olson had the top game of 229, followed by Lust at 228 and Olson at 213.

Shelby Wolfe led Newton at 468, followed by McKayla Garton at 420, Brynna Walton at 418, Reagan Morris at 364, Tiffany Steffl at 361 and Hailey Gratton at 337.

Wolfe had Newton’s high game of 181.

Conner Eastman of Cheney led the boys at 659, followed by Kadin Berry of South at 642 and Dalton Steller of South at 622.

Eastman had the high game of 269. Jayden Nixon of Cheney rolled a 242. Berry rolled a pair of 226s.

Newton was led by Brett Ashcraft with a 580, fourth overall. Patrick Vasquez rolled a 543, followed by Treyton Rice at 523, Joey Gile at 521, Cooper Burns at 504 and Koby Burns at 491.

Gile had Newton’s high game of 202.

Newton competes against Derby at 3 p.m. Friday at the Derby Bowl with Hutchinson, a reschuled meet. A meet also has been added at 3 p.m. Feb. 18 at the Junction City Bowl with Junction City and Manhattan.

The AV-CTL I meet is 1 p.m. Feb. 14 at Seneca Bowl in Wichita.

SATURDAY’S MEET — The Newton High School boys and girls both placed fourth at the eight-team Buhler Invitational at The Alley in Hutchinson.

Buhler won the girls’ competition at 2,480, followed by El Dorado at 2,207, Andover at 2,055 and Newton at 2,012.

The team scores included four Baker games (a team format where each team member rolls a designated frame) and three individual games. The format also is used at league, regionals and state.

The Newton girls claimed two medalists — Brynna Walton in fifth at 425 and Shelby Wolfe in sixth at 416.

El Dorado won the boys’ competition at 3,162, followed by Salina Central at 2,968, Buhler at 2,785 and Newton at 2,693.

Newton had three medalists — Treyton Rice in ninth at 530, Brett Ashcraft in 12th at 482 and Cooper Burns in 16th at 476.

Newton tri


Play-Mor Lanes

Varsity girls


Harrison, Cierra;94;122;96;—312

Brown, Kaitlyn;116;170;150;—436

Kitchen, Courtney;111;110;91;—312

Wiesender, Jolene;143;93;105;—341


Salina South;1;2;3;series

Salinas, Yessica;133;163;193;—489

Olson, Bella;211;229;213;—653

Lust, Lauren;228;189;189;—606

Billings, McKenzie;181;146;144;—471

Gestl, Stella;169;170;148;—487

Barry, Bailey;146;186;129;—461



Wolfe, Shelby;141;146;181;—468

Walton, Brynna;167;113;138;—418

Garton, McKayla;148;144;128;—420

Morris, Reagan;125;122;117;—364

Steffl, Tiffany;137;124;100;—361

Gratton, Hailey;96;107;134;—337


Varsity boys


Eastman, Conner;269;177;213;—659

Stephenson, Conner;179;191;200;—570

Hanner, Brennen;160;146;145;—451

Brown, Chris;149;107;150;—406

Nixon, Jayden;242;135;147;—524

Galloway, Jonah;156;156;135;—447


Salina South;1;2;3;series

Berry, Kadin;226;191;226;—643

Anderson, Jordan;153;146;181;—480

Peterson, Griffin;201;168;210;—579

Froetschner, Andrew;166;209;152;—527

Stelter, Dalton;207;213;202;—622

Lambeth, Carter;181;176;182;—539



Ashcraft, Brett;174;191;215;—580

Rice, Treyton;162;194;167;—523

Gile, Joey;202;163;156;—521

Burns, Cooper;149;178;177;—504

Burns, Kobe;144;170;177;—491

Vasquez, Patrick;168;175;200;—543


Junior varsity girls

Salina South 1,401, Newton 1,194


St. Peter, Anna;74;103;60;—237

Brockman, Emma;116;93;86;—295

Lyall, Cori;106;113;126;—345

Le, Tu;118;105;94;—317


Junior varsity boys

Cheney 1,758, Newton 1,687, Salina South 1,661


Pomeroy, David;142;123;146;—411

Nelson, Dehann;124;88;142;—354

Montano, Alfie;155;121;100;—376

Baldwin, Callan;126;141;165;—432

Mick, Christopher;116;146;91;—353

Barnett, Alexander;108;135;142;—385


Buhler Inv.


The Alley,



Team scores — Buhler 2,480, El Dorado 2,207, Andover 2,055, Newton 2,012, Salina Central 1,957, Valley Center 1,878, Wichita Collegiate 1,827, Cheney 1,639.

Medalists — 1. Chambers, Mary Buh. 514; 2. Montandon, Jaiden Buh. 480; 3. Bonewell, Morgan ED 441; 4. Fisher, Veronica ED 433; 5. Walton, Brynna New. 425; 6. Wolfe, Shelby New. 416; 7. Huiett, Adria Buh. 402; 8. Cross, McKinley Buh. 400; 9. Pierce, Lizzie VC 396; 10. O'Connor, KaiLee SC 392; 11. Pierce, Haley And. 385; 12. Wentz, Alexis And. 380; 13. Nielson, Kinley ED 376; 14. Michaelis, Lexi And. 374; 15. Stevenson, Trista SC 372; 16. Jones, Kensley SC 365; 17. Caughlin, Lauren WC 362; 18. Cross, Mallory Buh. 359; 19. White, Alexa WC 359; 20. Brosch, Olivia And. 350.


Morris, Reagan;94;112;127;—333

Garton, McKayla;77;128;95;—300

Walton, Brynna;160;140;125;—425

Wolfe, Shelby;133;128;155;—416

Gratton, Kailey;106;86;108;—300

Lyall, Cori;96;75;84;—255



Team scores — El Dorado 3,162, Salina Central 2,968, Buhler 2,785, Newton 2,693, Andover 2,601, Valley Center 2,583, Cheney 2,322, Wichita Collegiate 2,101.

Medalists — 1. Parker, Forrest ED 671; 2. Young, Chase SC 650; 3. Sheahan, Noah Buh. 634; 4. Hart, Mahlon ED 628; 5. Miller, Preston SC 563; 6. Ruble, Brayden VC 562; 7. Champlin, Cooper And. 558; 8. Nisly, Creyton Buh. 532; 9. Rice, Treyton New. 530; 10. Bhakta, Miraj SC 512; 11. Gawith, Bradley SC 500; 12. Ashcraft, Brett New. 482; 13. Bergkamp, Aaron Buh. 481; 14. Stanyer, Justin And. 479; 15. Lawson, Logan SC 477; 16. Burns, Cooper New. 476; 17. Talbot, Quintin VC 473; 18. Mangles, Ethan And. 472; 19. Stephenson, Conner Che. 471; 20. Rogers, Tristen ED 469.


Rice, Treyton;185;171;174;—530

Burns, Kobe;135;178;149;—462

Ashcraft, Brett;178;147;157;—482

Gile, Joey;201;138;114;—453

Burns, Cooper;167;178;131;—476

Pomeroy, David;185;111;133;—429