MOUNDRIDGE — With the abrupt closing of Quincy's at the end of December 2018, Moundridge was left with dining options that were limited to what was available at the local grocery store and gas stations. Those options will soon expand with the opening of several eateries in the coming year.

Murray McGee, economic development coordinator for Moundridge, said the city could have three new restaurants opening in the next few months.

"I think that's good. We've had significant growth," McGee said.

Fetch Bar & Grill, the dog-friendly restaurant in Wichita that was featured on an episode of Gordon Ramsay's "24 Hours to Hell and Back" last year, is renovating the space that held Quincy's Bar & Grill at 128 S. Christian Ave.

"They've refinished the floors, they've painted ... they'll be opening sometime next month," McGee said.

At their Wichita location, dogs are allowed to come inside and eat with their owners. The setup in Moundridge will be slightly different.

"In Moundridge, they will not allow dogs inside but they will be allowed on the patio," McGee said.

Fetch Bar & Grill is expected to open in February.

"Right now they're really working to hire staff, especially the kitchen staff," McGee said.

What was once a gas station on the southeast corner of Christian Ave. and Cole St. is being remodeled by Blaine Stucky into a multi-faceted business.

The Hub will serve brick-oven pizza and also host a coffee shop, according to McGee. It will also feature a self-serve tap system for patrons to pour their own beer.

A Sonic Drive-In could also be opening in Moundridge this spring. The Moundridge school board has agreed to sell one acre of the land east of Casey's General Store on east Cole Street.

"They had sold that (land) for Casey's and they're willing to sell another acre for Sonic," McGee said.

According to a post on Moundridge's Facebook page, the city will purchase the property for $57,000 if they get a development agreement from Cowen Construction in Tulsa.

"As part of the deal, the company will not seek any tax abatement from the local taxing entities," the post read. "The developer has also agreed to add a batting cage due to their proximity to the local ball fields."

While there are still other actions to be completed to seal the deal with Sonic, it could open as early as April.

Adding amenities like restaurants, disc golf, walking trails and a dog park all fall under Moundridge's efforts to attract more residents.

"We know our daytime population is up. We've got businesses that are expanding right now," McGee said. "We're really working to attract younger families to the community and that's one of the things they look for ... a variety of dining options."