A new option for those looking for a space to do everything from holding a meeting to staying for several weeks is opening above The Hideaway at 218 W. Sixth in Newton.

"We've got some space up here for sure," said Kelsey Harders-Lohrenz, owner of The Hideaway.

Since the second floor of her building was not being used, Harders-Lohrenz decided to incorporate the space into the bridal services offered by her salon.

"Bottom line — we just still want to have some control of it," Harders-Lohrenz said. "I've turned some people down for renting because we still wanted the ability to include it in our business."

The Loft on 6th includes three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a kitchen in its 2,600 square feet of rooms.

"We have changed all the paint in here — we've kind of transformed it," Harders-Lohrenz said.

While bridal parties can choose to use The Loft on 6th to spend the night and prepare for a wedding, Harders-Lohrenz also sees it as a place to house corporate travelers or families visiting the Newton area.

"It's more comfortable than a hotel room," Harders-Lohrenz said. "...It's just a little more tucked away (and) feels a little more like home."

Each bedroom in The Loft on 6th will feature a different type of mattress to allow guests to choose the one they prefer. The space also has a washer and dryer, a deck, indoor jacuzzi, fireplace and a kitchen with a double oven.

"The kitchen is stocked with dinnerware — pots, pans, you name it," Harders-Lohrenz said. "...It really is like a house that people can feel comfortable staying in."

Plenty of storage space and room to spread out to work means the rooms could also be used for retreats, meetings or parties.

"This building's over 100 years old," Harders-Lohrenz said. "...It's kind of cool to keep a piece of history going and refurbish that dream that several other owners had when they owned it."

The public is invited to an open house for The Loft on 6th from 6 to 8 p.m. Dec. 21. Live music and refreshments will be part of the evening.

"We're actually going to give away a free night's stay here, too," Harders-Lohrenz said.

For more information about The Loft on 6th, call 620-747-0378