A message scrawled with a pencil on a bathroom stall has led to increased police presence at Newton High School.

"Someone wrote on a bathroom stall, and it is very hard to read, a threat of violence against the school," said Lt. Scott Powell of the Newton Police Department.

According to the Newton Police Department, a message was discovered by a student Dec. 6 on school grounds threatening an act of violence on Dec. 10. Police are not releasing the exact nature of the threat as they investigate to prevent false confessions.

Newton High School and Newton Police Department are currently investigating the threat. Powell said because of when the threat was found, and where it was found,  it is difficult to determine if the threat is credible. The bathroom it was found in is used for high school basketball, wrestling and other sporting events.

"It could have been a student at the school, it could have been anyone from (another school) who were at games," Powell said. "... And it was written light enough that it could have been there several days before someone saw it."

Powell told The Kansan that police and school adminstrators who went into the bathroom looking specifically for the message struggled to find it, even when looking right at the message.

"It was faint and hard to see. ... It was not obvious," Powell said. "... Our (school resource officer) is investigating to try and get information and get onto who would have written it."

Powell said there is not, at this time, a known reason the writer selected the date of Dec. 10.