Four members of the Wichita Children's Theatre and Dance Center spent their Wednesday at Newton High School, performing for elementary school students.

The show of the day was "Little Red Riding Hood," a version adapted where the "Big, Bad Wolf" was more of a bumbling, stumbling fool than evil and created a devious plan to trick Little Red Riding Hood into giving him a picnic basket full of goodies intended for grandma instead of eating grandma and coming after Little Red Riding Hood.

Treated like a melodrama, elementary school students were encouraged to provide animal sounds in the forest during the show.  Students were bussed to the high school for the performance in the school auditorium for one of two performances.

The touring company, with a cast of four, began rehearsals on the show in September before taking to the road in October. The touring company performs October through February in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Colorado.