MOUNDRIDGE — When Moundridge resident Lori Frazer moved from a house with a big yard to an apartment with no yard, she realized her city needed a dog park.

When she jokingly mentioned the idea to Moundridge City Administrator Randy Frazer (who is also her brother-in-law), he encouraged her to take action.

"I formed a committee...and we took it to city council," Lori said.

Amy Stinchcomb, owner of Pawsitive Pet Styles, is also a member of the dog park committee. She said the project will benefit all Moundridge residents, not just pet owners.

"It keeps the dogs out of the regular park so that people who do enjoy getting out with their dogs have somewhere to go and they don't have to worry about bothering (anyone)," Stinchcomb said.

The city unanimously approved the proposal for a dog park and donated around an acre of city-owned land west of the Grasshopper Field baseball diamonds.

"I think it's great access, right off the interstate there," Lori said.

The Moundridge Dog Park Committee has a goal of raising $20,000 to pay for the construction of the facility and Lori noted the location allows for some cost-saving measures.

"It's already half-fenced in because of the ball diamonds," Lori said.

The dog park will have two separate areas for big and small dogs, with water spigots on both sides.

"There's water right up to that location, so it's not a huge expense for the city to get water there," Lori said.

To raise funds, 4-H members will hold a dog wash at a date yet to be determined at Pawsitive Pet Styles, 109 S. Christian in Moundridge, and donate the proceeds to the dog park project.

Engraved bricks will also be sold for $35 during the Christmas Open House events on Nov. 17 at Pawsitive Pet Styles and at Greer Gymnasium. The red bricks will be installed at the entryway to the dog park.

The Moundridge Dog Park will also install 100 percent recycled benches and tables made by Back Atcha in Concordia. For a donation, the benches can also be engraved.

Lori has asked the Moundridge High School art class to create a logo for the dog park and the wood shop class to design and build an agility course.

"We're going to get everybody involved as much as they can," Lori said. "...That's the nice thing about being in a small community — people are willing to help."

The Moundridge Dog Park is scheduled to begin construction in spring of 2019 and open in the summer of 2019.

"The city will maintain the park just like any other park, so kudos to them," Lori said.

"It's a good community project," Stinchcomb said. "It seems like the community has really come together on it."

Tax-deductible donations to the Moundridge Dog Park can be made through the McPherson County Community Foundation at