Questioning Hodge

During the debate between Steve Kelly and Tim Hodge at the Meridian Center, several things became apparent. Tim Hodge does not like billionaires, Tim doesn’t act like a serious man and Steve Kelly listens to what other people have to say to get the job done right. As Tim railed against billionaires, it reminded me of an Aesop fable, The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs. The fable goes like this.

Tim and his partner owned a very special goose called Kansas. Every day Kansas would lay a golden egg, which made the partners very rich. "Just think," said Tim, "If we could have all the golden eggs that are inside Kansas, we could be richer much faster." "You're right," said Tim’s partner, "We wouldn't have to wait for Kansas to lay her egg every day." So, the partners, Tim and the Democrats, killed Kansas and cut her open, only to find that she was just like every other goose. She had no golden eggs inside of her at all, and they had no more golden eggs.

Tim Hodge longs for retribution from the billionaires that have created jobs and made Kansas a better place to live. He wants you to believe there are hundreds of billionaires in Kansas and they stole from us. Contrary to what Tim wants you to believe, there are only two billionaires. One is Charles Koch of Koch Industries and the other is Min Kao of Garmin. Each one has brought jobs.

— Mike Fellows, Newton


Support for Westfall

We’re writing to encourage you to vote in the up-coming election for George “Chip” Westfall to continue serving as our county commissioner.

We’ve known Chip for nearly 25 years, and have found him to be an elected official who will listen and take positive action. Bicyclers from across the county paid for signage to aid bicycle safety. Chip listened to their plan, offered suggestions, and was part of the unanimous vote by the commissioners to have the county install the signs. The cyclists of Harvey County are still thanking him. This was just one example of the support he gives Harvey County citizens.

His interests are for the best for Harvey County, and he is someone you can be proud you voted for.

— Jerry S. and Shirley Smith


Support for Kelly

I’d like to share a few reasons why Steve Kelly should be the people’s choice for representing the 72nd District in the State House. I first met Steve when he was President and CEO of Newton Medical Center. He was involved in bringing new medical specialties to Newton to improve the availability and scope of medical care to the community. Steve was open, honest and an excellent ambassador for the community and NMC in particular. He inspired me to take a leap of faith to move my medical practice from Wichita to Newton based upon a handshake agreement at the end of our meeting. Once I was in Newton I began to see how dedicated he was to improve rural health care. Last month he won the Charles S. Billings Award for distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the field of health care in Kansas. NMC flourished under his leadership as President and CEO from 2000-2016. I am sure the 72nd District would similarly benefit with his representation in the State House.

— Jan M. Hoffman,  Newton


Support for Hodge

I want to encourage those who consider themselves to be middle class voters to give their support to re-elect State Rep. Time Hodge, and to State Sen. Laura Kelly for Governor on Nov. 6.  There is no greater champion for the common good than Tim Hodge.  Our state has paid dearly for the failed Brownback policies, and with the help of Tim Hodge, Laura Kelly, and others, the disastrous tax cuts were restored (this was not a tax increase, but merely a restoration of the pre-Brownback tax structure), and Kansas is starting to see the benefits of their wisdom.

Why would a middle class voter support anyone who wants to return to tax breaks for the wealthy when the results come down on the middle class in the form of higher sales and property taxes?  Kris Kobach has every intention of restoring tax cuts for the wealthy.  He also does not support expanding Medicaid, which has already cost the state millions of our taxpayer dollars going elsewhere while denying 150,000 Kansans health care coverage.

Steve Kelly, Tim Hodge's opponent, was the architect of another failed policy, that of privatizing Medicaid in the form of KanCare.  KanCare proved disastrous to Nursing Homes as Medicaid applications and payments have been so delayed as to put these institutions in financial jeopardy.

If you support common sense policies for our state, please vote on Nov. 6, and help to re-elect Tim Hodge to the State House of Representatives, and make Laura Kelly our next governor.

— Valetta Seymour, North Newton

Support of Hodge

Many fine citizens of our community have expressed support for Steve Kelly’s candidacy for the 72nd House District. Mr. Kelly presents himself as a moderate Republican who can go to Topeka and “build consensus.” With the support some Kansans are showing for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, the extreme right wing element of the legislature is rearing is Brownbackian head. Will Mr. Kelly be able to bring that element of his party to more moderate positions? We all know the issues at stake, among them: education, health care, infrastructure, safety nets for children and families caught in poverty. Which candidate is the best voice for working-class Kansans? Our answer is Tim Hodge who will continue the work already begun to return to a fair and sensible tax policy. Join us in voting for Tim Hodge.

— Bob and Donna Becker, Newton


Support for Nickel

My friend, Greg Nickel, would make a great Harvey County Commissioner. He is civic-minded and will pour his heart and time into this community service role. Greg is well connected to a variety of different demographics and will be a good representative to people of various views and backgrounds. And as a smart and engaging member of Harvey County, Greg will make researched and informed decisions that benefit our county for the common good. I urge you to vote for Greg Nickel on Nov. 6.

— Brad Guhr, Newton


Support for Harms

Dan Harms has been bringing facts to the public’s attention for 2 years now. That is exactly how he wants to serve you as a County Commissioner —  get it all out in the open, include the citizens, and make the best decision possible. And stream the meetings!

It took Dan three records requests to get this year’s “Fund Balance Requirement." This is not classified information; it is the amount of money commissioners unanimously agree they need in reserve to safely operate the government. That number is just over $2 Million. Commissioners expect to end the year with more than $4.7 million.

Dan requested information surrounding the proposed Fairgrounds/Expo Center. According to Commissioner Westfall the waste of $1.3 Million of our dollars was not the fault of the commission but caused by a lack of outside investment due to the economic downturn. Like Camp Hawk, Westfall’s claims here don’t align with the facts.

In 2008, commissioners paid $11,000/acre (no, that’s not a typo) for 76 acres near the Outlet Mall. It wasn’t until 2010, when the economic penny had clearly dropped, that they spent $450,000 on plans and drawings for the project. Then they did a market study which proved we couldn’t afford it —  we were $200,000 a year short. Pennies from heaven coulda built that thing; we still couldn’t afford to own it.

If we don’t fundamentally change the way this commission works, we are gonna get more of these decisions. Vote for Dan.

— Brandon Nelson, North Newton


Support for Harms

As a Harvey County Parks Advisory Board member I was disappointed in our county commission when they announced their intent to sell Camp Hawk. Our board was not consulted prior to the commissioners casting their unanimous vote to move forward with the sale. As a volunteer for the county and link to the citizens’ voices in the matter I was concerned about this practice.

Through this process Dan Harms pressed on, even when he found our commission to have a closed door culture. He asked for information, attended meetings and budget hearings, talked to citizens and reported back to the advisory board what he found. I want representation by my elected officials, but we can’t be represented if we’re not part of the conversation. Dan Harms understands how necessary that conversation is.

I am supporting Dan Harms in this election because of the dedication he had in finding out the facts about Camp Hawk and his commitment to involving the public. I was continually impressed that he didn’t give up. He sees the need for openness, transparency, citizen involvement, and being accountable to citizens.  He wants to engage citizen advisory boards and experts prior to making decisions. He wants all of our input in making Harvey County a better place to live, work and play. Without Dan’s leadership, Camp Hawk would have been sold. Without Dan’s leadership we will get more of the same.

-Brittany Welch, North Newton