The mid-term elections are just around the corner on Nov. 6. There might be fewer local seats being decided this election but they are always just as important as the general election. The Governor race is on the ballot this year with our local state representatives. We also have a three way race for one county commission seat. There are also quite a few state wide offices as well as our 4th district representative.

I feel the most important question to ask about a candidate is if they want more or less government. Every time the government does something for you, you lose freedom. Every time the government takes more of your paycheck you are giving up your hard work to whatever they deem is more important to spend it on.

Of particular interest is our local 72nd district representative race. Steve Kelly wants us to keep more of our hard earned money to use how we see fit, not let the government make decisions for us. He also doesn’t use class envy or divisiveness drive his decision making. Steve understands it isn’t “us against them”, but we are all together in trying to make our state better! Steve’s years as a CEO of Newton Medical Center have proven he can find common ground and get things done, he doesn’t throw a fit if he doesn’t get everything he wants at the expense of someone else.

On the governor ticket Kris Kobach is the clear choice for more freedoms. His opponents have advocated for more confiscatory taxes to keep funding the leviathan of government and keep oppressing our freedoms. Kris, with the help of a more conservative house and senate maybe can finally get the size of the state government reduced and help people become more independent. The more people who have jobs instead of a handout the better off we are as a community. There is a certain amount of pride in putting in a hard days’ work and seeing more of the fruits of that labor in a larger paycheck!

The issue with the Brownback tax cuts wasn’t that they didn’t spur growth, they did. The problem was the ineffective legislature not being able to cut spending. In our daily lives if we have a cut in pay we make choices to live within our means or go bankrupt. The state had that choice but they chose to listen to the loudest voices in the room instead i.e., education and other special interests. Education takes half of the state budget yet they are never satisfied. When they don’t get their way, they file a lawsuit using our money to sue us for more money. If your children did that to you for putting them on a generous allowance they don’t think is enough, you would be very unhappy! It is time to put people in the Governor and legislature positions who will reign in the out of control Kansas Supreme Court. It is time to tell them to get out of the states’ finances and leave it to who is supposed to take care of it: our elected representatives and senators.

On election day your choices are clear: Vote Republican and you will be voting for more freedoms!


— Jason Mitchell is a member of the leadership team of the Harvey County Republican Party.