This letter is in support of the reelection of Tim Hodge as our state representative for the 72nd district.

Here are just some of the reasons why he deserves your vote: Tim Hodge listens. Tim has knocked on thousands of doors to connect with his constituents. He has registered  numerous people to vote and will help anyone who has issues getting to their polling places with advance balloting. He makes himself available to all and not just in an election year. Tim Hodge cares. Tim represents everyone from all walks of life and position.

Tim will continue to work to lower our sales tax — one of the highest in the nation. Tim will work to get rid of the sales tax on food and groceries. Tim will work for Medicaid expansion to protect our local hospitals from closing. He will fully fund our schools. He  will continue to work for fair taxation and helped end the disastrous Brownback tax experiment in which the state was going broke and was borrowing from the retirement fund and highway fund just to pay the bills.

Tim Hodge deserves your vote on Nov. 6. If you are not registered to vote, you have until Oct. 15. You can advance vote starting Oct. 22.

If you need help in registering or voting call me at 316-772-2078 or go to  Make your voice heard, and please vote for Tim Hodge for reelection for our 72nd district state representative.

— Donald Snapp, Newton