After attending the September 13th Informed Women of Harvey County Forum for the 72nd Kansas House District candidates Tim Hodge and Steve Kelly, I want to personally address some major issues that I find very concerning.

 Tim Hodge believes that public education is the most equitable way for children in Kansas to be educated.  He understands that private schools cater to the wealthy.  Very few, if any, poor children are invited to attend private school on scholarships, and they certainly cannot afford to pay for it on their own. This is far too elitist for my liking.  Parochial schools, although private, are funded by their own church members which is only fair. However, private schools need to be kept privately funded. 

Privatizing our public institutions is a disgrace to our democracy.

Kancare is another failed example of Steve Kelly’s attempt at privatizing our public systems. Kelly was appointed by Sam Brownback to chair an advisory committee to develop the dysfunctional Kancare system.  It seems to me, Steve Kelly has played a significant role in costing the nursing homes and health care providers over $550,000 in lost payments.

Steve Kelly stated at the forum that once he sent Tim Hodge $100 in support of his candidacy. I would say his small donation was definitely sent to the correct person. Too bad that  Kelly thought it was even better to send $700 to Brownback and $200 to Marc Rhoades.

— Wilma Decker, Newton