With an inservice on the docket for Columbus Day, the Harvey County Commission meet briefly to discuss a handful of business items on Monday.

Additional items brought forward by the commission included an inquiry brought to commissioner Chip Westfall as to why a stop sign requested by Darlington Township Clerk Leo Stahly had not been put up yet — with Westfall highlighting the state evaluation process that needs to take place before that can occur, while commissioner Ron Krehbiel noted he received an invitation for the commission to tour the old Newton post office building that recently went up for sale (if there is an interest).

It was also noted that due to attendance of the Kansas Association of Counties conference next week, there will be no commission meeting on Oct. 15, while it was also clarified that an ERT demonstration scheduled for the next regular meeting (on Oct. 22) will be open to the public.

Regular business items brought forward by County Administrator Anthony Swartzendruber included notification of the KCAMP questionnaire currently being filled out by assistant administrator Dan Bronson. The county is in the middle of a three-year agreement with KCAMP for insurance services, which is annually reviewed by department heads to make changes to the insurance schedule — with Bronson noting no major additions or subtractions this year (with the exception of a police dog being added to up law enforcement's insurance count by one).

Other business items highlighted included a reminder of a celebration coming up at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Meridian Center for the Drug Free Communities grant that Harvey County received, with the commission invited to attend, as well as the annual Harvey County Farm Bureau Association meeting and dinner happening at 6 p.m. Oct. 15. Krehbiel noted he is planning on attending the latter.

Swartzendruber also recommended the commission check out the 2019 KAC legislative policy presented as new information, while the only other items addressed were questions about why tipping fees to Reno County were trending upwards before the commission approved warrants and payroll and adjourned.