Central Kansas League

Pratt 32, Halstead 16

By Courtney Blankenship

Pratt Tribune

PRATT — The rain did not stop the Greenbacks from scoring touchdowns and winning the first home game of the season against Halstead on September 7.

The rainy weather may have called for umbrellas and towels to dry off the bleachers but it did not stop the Pratt High football team from beating Halstead 32-16 in the first home game of the season on September 7.

In the first quarter, Travis Theis had a 91-yard touchdown run for the Greenbacks.

Soon after the start of the second quarter, Hunter Huber scored a two-yard run touchdown. Halstead replied with a Bryant Odendahl 50-yard run and a two-point conversion.

Theis had another touchdown with a 37-yard run. Daniel Sanchez hit the extra-point kick, putting Pratt up 19-8 at the half.

A touchdown by Caden Blankenship during the third quarter brought the score to 25-8, and soon after, Halstead scored a touchdown on an Odendahl run.

Theis had another touchdown with a 52-yard run in the fourth quarter.

Thies finished the game with 221 yards rushing and 88 yards passing. Brett Winsor had all 88 yards receiving on five catches.

Halstead was led by Scott Grider with 73 yards rushing. Braden Gerber had 52 yards passing. Lakin Farmer had 15 total tackles for the Halstead defense, followed by Scott Grider with 14 and Doug Grider with 12.

Pratt improves to 2-0, while Halstead drops to 1-1. Halstead hosts Lyons Friday.



Individual stats

RUSHING — Halstead: Gerber 13-22, S.Grder 19-73, Odendahl 5-57, Casey 8-43. Pratt: Cox 1-9, Riner 4-51, Thies 17-221, Huber 11-34, Blankenship 6-48.

PASSING — Halstead: Gerber 4-6-0, 52 yards; Odendahl 1-1-0, 17 yards. Pratt: Thies 3-6-0, 88 yards.

RECEIVING — Halstead: S.Grider 2-17, Odendahl 1-5, Pitts 1-17, Casey 1-30. Pratt: Winsor 3-88.

Ell-Saline 48, Remington 6

BROOKVILLE — The Remington Broncos fell to the Ell-Saline Cardinals 48-6 Friday in Heart of America League play in Brookville.

Nick Davenport rushed for two touchdowns and passed for two touchdowns to lead Ell-Saline, 2-0. Remington’s stats were not reported.

The Broncos are 0-2 and play Friday at Inman.




1q. ES Parks 4-yd. run (Roche kick) 7:48

1q. ES Davenport 45-yd. run (Carazo kick) 4:05

2q. ES Peterson 40-yd. pass from Davenport (Roche kick) 11:51

2q. ES Kramer 41-yd. pass from Davenport (kick failed) 8:04

2q. ES Parks 38-yd. run (Roche kick) 5:32

3q. ES Davenport 6-yd. run (Carazo kick) 8:03

4q. ES Cme 5-yd. run (Roche kick) 9:49

4q. R unknown 5-yd. run (run failed) :41

Individual stats

RUSHING — ES: Parks 7-62, Came 7-40, Kramer 4-67, Davenport 4-62, Bradley 4-28, Morrical 1-13, Drees 1-7.

PASSING — ES: Davenport 6-8-0-125, Morrical 1-1-0-6.

RECEIVING — ES: Kramer 3-61, Came 2-24, Peterson 1-40, Bradley 1-6.


Bennington 28, Moundridge 22

MOUNDRIDGE — The Bennington Bulldogs won the bragging rights for the Heart of America League eight-man ranks after a 28-22 win over Moundridge Friday in Moundridge.

J.T. Ohlsen rushed for 135 yards on 31 carries for the Bulldogs. Tyler Stanley rushed for 59 yards and two touchdowns and passed for 32 yards. Clayton Gish added a rushing touchdown, the game-winner for five yards with 3:40 to play. Javon Allen added a 75-yard kickoff return for a score.

For Moundridge, Daniel Kaufman rushed for 62 yards and two touchdowns. Dillon Vogts hit an 18-yard touchdown pass to Brady Helms.

Cody Hazelton had 18 total tackles for Moundridge, 13 solo.

Moundridge is 1-1 and plays Friday at 2-0 Solomon.




2q. B Stanley 4-yd. run (pass failed) :25

3q. B Allen 75-yd. kickoff return (pass failed) 11:45

3q. M Helms 18-yd. pass from Vogts (Vogts pass from Unruh) 9:00

3q. B Stanley 1-yd. run (Wilton run) 3:00

4q. M Kaufman 20-yd. run (run failed) 12:00

4q. M Kaufman 7-yd. run (Helms pass from Unruh) 8:13

4q. B Gish 5-yd. run (Stanley pass from Ohlsen) 3:40

Team stats


First downs;22;12


Passing yards;32;73





Time of poss.;30:18;17:42

Individual stats

RUSHING — Bennington: Ohlsen 31-135, Stanley 10-59, Allen 3-25, Wilton 8-14, Gish 6-10. Moundridge: Kaufman 10-62, Hazelton 12-48. Ediger 6-23, Unruh 3-7, Vogts 6-5.

PASSING — Bennington: Stanley 4-9-2, 32 yards. Moundridge: Unruh 3-11-0, 55 yards; Vogts 1-1-0, 18 yards.

RECEIVING — Bennington: Brummeyy 1-17, Allen 2-10, Ohlsen 1-5. Moundridge: Helms 2-42, Diederich 2-31.

Missed field goals — none.

Wheat State League

Goessel 56, Rural Vista 6

HOPE — The Goessel Bluebirds went on the road and claimed a 56-6 win over Rural Vista Friday night in WSL play in Hope.

The game was called in the third quarter on the 45-point rule.

Zach Zogleman rushed for three touchdowns, finishing with 11 carries for 32 yards. Jacob Hagewood had three carries for 86 yards and a touchdown. Dylan Lindeman hit seven of nine passes for 66 yards and a score. Kale Funk caught the touchdown pass.

Rural Vista lost five fumbles. Goessel scored twice on fumble recoveries returned for touchdowns.

Dylan Worrell passed for 69 yards and rushed for 57 yards to lead Rural Vista, 0-2. Cameron Campuzano rushed for 69 yards and a touchdown.

Goessel is 1-1 and hosts Wakefield Friday.


Rural Vista;0;6;0;x;—6


1q. G Zogleman 9-yd. run (Zogleman run) 8:41

1q. G Hagewood 20-yd. fumble return (PAT failed) 8:34

2q. G Zogleman 3-yd. run (run failed) 9:36

2q. G Lindeman 23-yd. fumble return (run failed) 8:46

2q. G Funk 20-yd. pass from Lindeman (Hagewood run) 8:30

2q. R Campuzano 1-yd. run (pass failed) 3:24

2q. G Zogleman 4-yd. run (Wiens pass from Lindeman) 1:11

3q. G Hagewood 40-yd. run (Zogleman run) 11:51

3q. G Funk 10-yd. run (game ended) 4:21

Team stats


First downs;13;12


Passing yards;66;87





Time of poss.;18:32;17:19

Individual stats

RUSHING — Goessel: Hagewood 3-86, Lindeman 4-54, Zogleman 11-32, Funk 1-10, Wiens 2-5, team 2-(-21). Rural Vista: Worrell 24-57, Campuzano 10-49, Van Valkenburg 2-8.

PASSING — Goessel: Lindeman 7-9-0, 66 yards. Rural Vista: Worrell 7-9-0, 69 yards; Campuzano 1-1-0, 18 yards.

RECEIVING — Goessel: Wiens 3-34, Funk 3-19, Hagewood 1-13. Rural Vista: Berko 3-52, Campuzano 3-22, Davis 1-9, Van Valkenburg 1-4.

Missed field goals — none.

Little River 48, P-Burns 0

PEABODY — Graham Stephens and Hunter Thomas each rushed for two touchdowns to lead the Little River Redskins to a 48-0 win over Peabody-Burns Friday in WSL play in Peabody.

Thomas had 13 carries for 79 yards. Stephens had five carries for 43 yards. Stephens also hit two of three passes for nine yards and a score. Matt Dougherty had a touchdown reception.

Ro Weerts rushed for 40 yards to lead Peabody-Burns. Thomas Page had nine total tackles for Peabody-Burns.

Peabody-Burns is 0-2 and plays Friday at Chase County.

Little River;14;18;10;6;—48



1q. LR 11-yd. run (run) 8:59

1q. LR 18-yd. run (run failed) 2:26

2q. LR 5-yd. run (run) 10:41

2q. LR Safety on punt play 8:41

2q. LR 2-yd. run (run) 6:22

3q. LR 5-yd. run (run) 6:22

3q. LR Safety: sack in end zone 4:40

4q. LR 15-yd. run (kick failed) 10:36

Team stats


First downs;14;4


Passing yards;9;45





Time of poss.;29:17;18:43

Individual stats

RUSHING — Little River: Stephens 5-43, Dougherty 1-7, Thomas 13-79, Young 2-4, Sears 8-47, Herzog 8-33. Peabody-Burns: Weerts 7-40, Hauck 7-9, Hammann 2-8, Philpott 3-2, Reynolds 3-1, Smith 1-0, Parks 2-(-4), #6 1-(-6).

PASSING — Little River: Stephens 2-3-0, 9 yards. Peabody-Burns: Parks 1-4-1, 27 yards; 3-8-1, 18-yards; #6 0-1-0, 0 yards.

RECEIVING — Little River: Dougherty 1-5, Sears 1-4. Peabody-Burns: Reynolds 2-33, VanCurren 1-12, Parks 1-0.

Missed field goals — none.