McPHERSON — The Newton High School girls’ tennis team opened the season with a sixth-place finish Thursday at the McPherson Invitational.

McPherson Red won the meet at 45 points, followed by Goddard Eisenhower at 40, McPherson White at 37, Derby at 33, Valley Center at 32, Newton at 23, Great Bend at 13 and Elyria Christian at 12.

The Newton team of Quinn Rhodes and Kenzi Gillispie finished second at 3-1. The team of Cattie Arrowsmith and Faye Smith finished 12th at 1-3.

In the singles draw, Madelyn Hamm finished 13th and Selena Aguiar finished 14th.

Newton’s home invitational Tuesday was rained out after about a round of play.

Newton competes Sept. 13 at the Arkansas City Invitational.

McPherson Inv.


Team scores — McPherson Red 45, Goddard Eisenhower 40, McPherson White 37, Derby 33, Valley Center 32, Newton 23, Great Bend 13, Elyria Christian 12.


13. Madelyn Hamm (2-2): 1. L Rachel Carlson McP. R 8-3, CQF. L Mia Agpoon Der. 8-3, CSF. W Pricilla Ramirez GB 8-3, 13th. W Selena Aguilar New. 8-4.

14. Selena Aguilar (1-3): 1. L Kelly Troung GE 8-1, CQF. L Jacie Myers McP. W 8-4, CSF. W , W Jensen Mierkiewicz McP.ex 8-7 (10-8), 13th. L Madelyn Hamm New. 8-4.


2. Quinn Rhodes-Kenzi Gillispie (3-1): 1. W Nelson-Bontrager EC 8-0, QF. W Huerta-Schneider McP. R 8-1, SF. W Vinroe-Anderson Der. 8-6, F. L A.Achilles-S.Achilles McP. W 8-5.

12. Cattie Arrowsmith-Faye Smith (1-3): 1. L Bruce-Allen McP. R 8-3, CQF. W Towns-Smith Der. 8-4, CSF. L Lippelman-Hale McP. W 8-4, 11th. L Berger-Buehrle McP. ex. 8-3.