MOUNDRDIGE — The Moundridge Wildcat's debut in eight man football wasn't perfect — the team had what their coach referred to as “a lot of goobers” in the post game huddle — but it was close.


They won the coin toss, marched down the field on a hot night and got an early score against their rivals. They then went ton to collect a 42-6 win, scoring the game's first 42 points.


“It feels good to win a first game,” said coach Jeremiah Meeks. “This the first time in my coaching my career, all the way back into college, that I have won the first game. I have never experienced this. It was fun. It was important for our kids to get off on the right foot. We played well.”


The running back duo of Cody Hazelton and David Kaufman had a big night, combining for 23 carries, 148 yards and two touchdowns. Hazelton cracked the centry mark with 119 yards on a night that saw Moundrdige run the ball 50 times for 229 yards and five touchdowns.


Moundridge played especially well on defense, holding Goessel out of the end zone until the final play of the contest.


“Our defense played very well,” Meeks said. “... We lined up well and our defensive ends played well. Remington (Creed) and Brady (Helms) played awesome. Our backers flowed, and our defensive backs made tackles when they needed to. This is a game where if you miss a tackle, it is six.”


Meeks said the transition from eleven to eight man football has not been a difficult one to make for the Wildcats.


“It has not been hard, but there are little things,” Meeks said. “When a guard is pulling, he as to look at different places, and things that we have to change as coaches and scheme-wise that you have to make. You have to make an adjustment, and they are making it.”


Next up for the Wildcats is a home game against Bennington.




GHS 0; 0; 0; 6; 6

MHS 8; 12; 8; 14; 41

Scoring summary


6:03 MHS Hazelton, 21 yard run. (Unrh to Helms) 0-8


3:57 MHS Kaufman, 2 yard run. (Run failed) 0-14

:11 MHS Unruh to Hazelton, 25 yard pass. (Pass failed) 0-20


3:50 MHS Vogts, 1 yard run. (Voghts to Helms) 0-28


11:54 MHS Ediger, 1 yard run (Schmidt run) 0-36

7:31 MHS Doherty, 3 yard run (Run failed) 0-42

:00 GHS Zogleman, 59 yard run. (no attempt) 6-42


Statistical leaders


Goessel — Zogleman 17-143-1, Weins 8-39-0, Lindeman 7-3-0, Hagewood 1-1-0, Duerksen 1-(-5)-0. Totals: 34-181-1.

Moundridge — Hazelton 14-119-1, Kaufman 9-29-1, Vogts 11-13-1, Ediger 4-16-1, Doherty 4-18-1, Green 3-25-0, Unruh 3-7-0, Diederich 1-2-0, Brandewiede 1-0-0. Totals: 50-229-5.



Goessel — Lindeman 5-14-42-0-1, Wiens 0-1-0-0-1. Totals: 5-15-42-0-2.

Moundrdige — Unruh 6-9-110-1-0, Vogts 0-2-0-0-0. Totals: 6-11-110-1-0.



Goessel — Funk 2-32-0, Wiens 2-5-0, Zogleman 1-5-0. Totals: 5-42-0.

Moundridge — Santoya 2-48-1, Diederich 2-13-0, Vogts 1-39-0, Creed 1-10-0. Totals: 6-110-1.