Hesston Senior Men

1. Chet Roberts, Bob Beitler, Don Tipton, Erv Loeffler 25.6.

2. Mike Tate, Dale Lambert, Larry Hague,. Randy McGarrah 26.9.

3. Rich Wenger, Bob Buller, Randy Hague, Mark Riley 29.

4. Mark Loeffler, Blaine Rucker, Lowell Roth, Wayne Stucky 30.2.

Closest to the pin - Randy McGarrah.

Next play — Thursday.

Halstead runners

open season

CLEARWATER – The Halstead High School boys’ cross country team won the open 5,000-meter team title Thursday at the Clearwater Invitatioinal.

Halstead topped Arkansas City 45-58. Kingman was third at 78, followed by Pratt at 92, Clearwater at 101 and Douglass at 135.

The Halstead boys claimed four medals — Andrew O’Brien in fifth at 18:14.99, Josh Talbott in eighth at 18:43.11, Hayden Davis in 10th at 19:00.40 and Dawson Driskill in 17th at 19;29.74.

The Halstead girls didn’t have five runners in the open 5,000, preventing a team score, but did claim three medals — Kaia Siebert in third at 24:51.14, Lydia Johnson in fifth at 25:47.05 and Katelyn Drake in ninth at 27:03.49.

“Overall, I was extremely pleased with the efforts of our runners,” Halstead coach Curtis Vermillion said. “Everyone had been working hard in preparation for this meet, and seemed mentally focused during the races. After a meet you get an idea of where you stand in comparison to other area runners. As a whole, we felt our places and times were respectable. We hope that will be a good motivator. I was pleased with the leadership from our returning team members and the packing of our runners. We will focus more on closing the gap between our runners.

“We need to use this meet as motivation for improving. Effort in practice and mental toughness are the two areas which the runners can really control that will impact how they run. We have good competition within our own squad to see who will be running at the varsity level. We would like to get everyone healthy, and stay healthy. Still fighting a few minor injuries.”

Halstead competes Thursday at the Swather Special at the Hesston Golf Course.

Clearwater Inv.


Halstead results


Girls 5K — 3. Kaia Siebert 24:51.14-m, 5. Lydia Johnson 25:47.05-m, 9. Katelyn Drake 27:03.49-m.

Boys 5K (team scores: Halstead 45, Arkansas City 58, Kingman 78, Pratt 92, Clearwater 101, Douglass 135.) — 5. Andrew O’Brien 18:14.99-m, 8. Josh Talbott 18:43.11-m, 10. Hayden Davis 19:00.40-m, 17. Dawson Driskill 19:29.74-m, 25. Isaac Radke 20:13.52, 26. Sebastian Horn 20:14.30, 31. Gage Carr 20:43.43, 44. Austin Radke 21:31.55, 48. R.J. Stovall 21:42.11, 55. Thomas Porch 22:18.18, 57. Blake Bush 22:52.46, 59. Amaan Maknojia 22:55.14, 66. Max Cubbage 27:43.65.

Freshman-Sophomore Girls 2 miles — 43. Leah Weber 17:54.02.

Freshman-Sophomore Boys 2 miles — 81. Braxton Siebert 16:44.65.

Junior-Senior Girls 2 Miles — 43. Holli Black 19:54.52.

Middle school

7th Grade Girls 1 Mile — 11. Brooklyn Wilkinson 7:25.93-m, 16. Molly Unruh 7:39.74-m, 29. Kyree Shields 8:08.74.

7th Grade Boys 1 Mile — 19. Eli Gerber 6:50.21-m, 27. Beckham Lee 7:16.27.

8th Grade Girls 2 Miles — 11. Grace Lee 16:08.02-m, 30. Ella Haight 18:32.96.

8th Grade Boys 2 Miles – 12. Aiden Allmon 13:39.08-m, 43. Nickolas Mendez 15:40.99, 48. Thomas Burns 16:02.74, 50. Canyon Fletcher 16:04.65,