ELBING — Sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and morning glories are all in bloom at Sweet Honey Lane You-Pick Flower Patch, where customers can stop by and select their favorites to take home in an arrangement.

Still in its first year, the flower patch blossomed from the mind of Kendra Veer.

"It's popular now to have you-pick fruit stands, so I thought maybe people would want to come pick flowers," Veer said.

Veer is the mother of six children, ranging in age from 13 to 1, and she home schools the youngest five children.

"We've lived here for nine years now, and we've always had a vegetable garden," Veer said.

As part of their education, she has taught her children about plants and how to garden, noting the difference between flowers and weeds.

Veer took that experience and created classes on flowers for other students at Sweet Honey Lane You-Pick Flower Patch.

"We taught them the different parts of a flower and then they get to dissect it — take the flower apart and label all the parts," Veer said.

She also hosts events for groups or families to come out and pick their own bouquets or make flower crowns.

If you stop by during open hours, you can create bouquets for between $5 and $15 depending on the size of jar they are placed in.

Veer can also make bouquets for people who want multiple arrangements or don't have time to make their own.

A produce table is set up on some days with a selection of cucumbers, cantaloupe, pumpkins and tomatoes from her garden.

While the flowers should keep blooming for another month or so, Veer is already thinking about next year — and spring, in particular — when she hopes to have tulips available.

"I just wanted to start small and this is what came out of it," Veer said. "...We plan to expand next year, but this was a good start."

For more information and directions to Sweet Honey Lane You-Pick Flower Patch, visit https://www.facebook.com/sweethoneylaneflowers.