At about noon today (Monday), I sat waiting at Sixth and Chestnut for a northbound school bus that was dropping off a Halstead public school student on Chestnut.

The bright yellow school bus had all the warning lights lit up and the STOP flag with flashing lights on it extended.

As I sat waiting, I watched as a black minivan/crossover type vehicle turned the corner to go south on Chestnut and blew right past the stopped school bus.

Then, just a few seconds behind it came a gray minivan/crossover type vehicle that also turned south on Chestnut and blew right past the stopped school bus.

I watched as the gray vehicle pulled into the school parking lot near the Head Start entrance.

When the school bus retracted the stop arm and turned off the lights, the bus driver and I both threw our arms up in the universal sign for "What ARE they thinking?"

I pulled into the parking lot behind the mom getting out of her minivan and asked her if she was aware that she'd just blown past a school bus with the lights flashing and dropping off a student.

She replied "If I'd been aware, do you think I'd have blown by it?"

I pointed out it was a bright yellow school bus with flashing lights, how was she not aware of it?

As I wished her and her child a safe day, and backed out of the parking lot, I had to wonder.....   Would she have rather had me copy down her license tag and turn it over to the police department so they could issue her a ticket and a summons for failing to stop for a school bus?

If that had been her child disembarking, would she have been so careless?   Or is it only her child that is worth protecting and worth paying attention to the safety rules and regulations for?

So c'mon folks.   Get your heads where they belong and pay attention before you drive over somebody's child.

The child's life you save might just be your own.
— Kevin Henderson, Halstead