Clearances and ignorance

There's much ignorance being voiced regarding President Trump's revocation of former CIA Director Brennan's security clearance.  In the simplest terms:

- Access to classified info is granted by a higher authority based on a person's clearance and that person's need to know regarding a defined subject.  No matter how high the person's clearance, if he has no need to know about a certain subject, as determined by that higher authority, he gets no access, period.

- Brennan's clearance, in retirement, did not allow him access to anything at his discretion.

- Brennan's clearance, in retirement, did allow our intell/security people access to what he already knows, which may just be priceless in a situation.  Without that clearance, which was binding on Brennan, those people can't go to him.

Don't like Brennan?   Cool.  I'm not 100 percent with him either.  But I agree 100 percent regarding his assessment of President Trump, though I think he makes it unnecessarily personal.  As was said during the election, Trump is uniquely unqualified for the office, and he can't help showing it at every opportunity.  With this action, he is clearly acting against our best national interests.

— Dana Shifflett, Newton