The Red Door Community Partnership held an open house on Tuesday night for the public to view the renovated facility that is now home to a team of non-profit services.

Located at 209 S. Pine St. in Newton, the Red Door Community Partnership is a collaborative resource center with offices for the Community Chaplain Response Team, Peace Connections and Acupuncture Newton.

"Just having those teams in the office, there's a synergy and an energy and a life that wasn't here before," Community Chaplain Response Team Director Jason Reynolds said.

Constance Gehring of Acupuncture Newton said the facility allows her to have private treatment rooms as well as space for community acupuncture.

"I really am happy being here. The way everything is laid out for me, it's real easy," Gehring said.

Coming together under one roof also benefits the clients who may need services from more than one of the non-profit organizations.

"We help them out with their time and energy as well," Gehring said.

Being part of the Red Door Community Partnership gives each non-profit organization a better awareness of the opportunities and obstacles community members may face, Gehring added.

"It works because we can collaborate ... and each one of us is our own agency," Reynolds said.

The Kansas State Certified Peer Mentors also recently moved into the Red Door Community Partnership to work with the Community Chaplain Response Team.

"They are a group of people who have experience with incarceration — either a family member or themselves — who have been successful and know what it takes to be successful when you leave," Reynolds said.

Peace Connections offers Circle of Hope classes for people to learn budgeting skills and healthy relationship tools — even if they are still serving time in jail.

While each of the organizations has their own distinct services, they all strive to better the quality of life for members of the community.

"It's quite pleasant to have a group with whom you have shared goals," Gehring said.

With the Red Door Community Partnership, the outreach for Peace Connections, Acupuncture Newton and the Community Chaplain Response Team has broadened.

"We're all networked with new people now," Reynolds said. "That's health. That's strength."