HESSTON — The Hesston High School girls’ tennis team kicked off the fall sports season by claiming a tie with Buhler and McPherson for the Hesston Invitional I Thursday at the Hesston High School and Hesston College tennis courts.

Hesston, Buhler and McPherson each scored 22 points. Abilene and Smoky Valley each scored 14 points. Maize South scored seven.

In the first singles finals, Kira Haxton of Smoky Valley stopped Aliyah Frederick of Buhler 8-5. Hesston’s Halle Krehbiel edged Maddie Wilkinson of Maize South 8-7 (7-5).

In the second singles finals, Buhler’s Brittany Teufel survived about six match points against her to edged Hesston’s Ashley Hubbard 8-7 (10-8).

In the first doubles finals, McPherson’s Taylor Bruce and CeAnna Allen downed the Hesston sister team of Kylie and Michaela Martin 8-1.

In the second doubles finals, Rachel Carlson and Ashley Achilles of McPherson downed Brenna Riffel and Trinity Sampson of Abilene 8-4. Hesston’s Alexie Boles and Mackenzie Unruh took third. Hesston’s extra entry of Megan Martin and Madelyn Deges took sixth.

“I’m happy with the way we played,” Hesston coach Travis Sebits said. “We use this tournament to see what we did well and what we need to work on. Every entry did something really well today, and that’s good to see.”

Hesston is the defending state runner up in Class 3-2-1A, although with the new classification system, the classes and post-season competitors could be shaken up from previous seasons.

Hubarrd, a senior, is defending runner up in doubles. Her partner last year, Makaiya Russell, graduated.

Kylie Martin, a senior, and Michaela Martin, a sophomore, were defending runners-up from last year in doubles.

Krehbiel, a junior, was fifth at state in singles last year.

“We should be competitive with most teams in 3-2-1A,” Sebits said. “We need to just work on, in tight spots in matches, how to get out. We need to take our success in the past and build on that. We have some girls in different roles this year.”

Hesston competes at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Hillsboro Invitational.

Hesston Inv. I


Team scores — Buhler 22, Hesston 22, McPherson 22, Abilene 14, Smoky Valley 14, Maize South 7, extra entries 7 (Buhler 5, Hesston 2).

x-extra entry.

First singles

Quarterfinals — Halle Krehbiel Hes. def. Elsa Cozine WTA 8-1, Aliyah Frederick Buh. def. Patty Huerta McP. 8-2, Kira Haxton SV def. Gretchen Holmes Buh.-x 8-1, Maddie Wilkinson MS def. Zoe Cooper Ab. 8-1.

Semifinals — Championship: Frederick Buh. def. Krehbiel Hes. 8-5, Haxton SV def. Wilkinson MS 8-1. Consolation: Huerta McP. def. Cozine WTA 8-6, Cooper Ab. def. Holmes Buh.-x 8-1.

Medal round — First: Haxton SV def. Frederick Buh. 8-5. Third: Krehbiel Hes. def. Wilkinson MS 8-7 (7-5). Fifth: Cooper Ab. def. Huerta McP. 8-5. Seventh: Cozine WTA def. Holmes Buh.-x 8-1.

Second singles

Quarterfinals — Carley Malm McP. def. Bella Sims Ab. 8-0, Brittany Teufel Buh. def. Isabelle Wright SV 8-7 (7-5), Bethany Yutzy Buh.-x def. Lauryn Sellens MS 8-3, Ashley Hubbard Hes. def. Briana Winter WTA 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Teufel Buh. def. Malm McP. 8-1, Hubbard Hes. def. Yutzy Buh.-x 8-3. Consolation: Wright SV def. Sims Ab. 8-4, Winter WTA def. Sellens MS 8-6.

Medal round — First: Tuefel Buh. def. Hubbard Hes. 8-7 (10-8). Third: Yutzy Buh.-x def. Malm McP. 8-4. Fifth: Winter WTA def. Wright SV 8-6. Seventh: Sellers MS def. Sims Ab. 8-2.

First doubles

Quarterfinals — K.Martin-Mi.Martin Hes. def. Peterson-Dauer SV-x 8-0, DeMeyer-Hutton Buh. def. Brown-O’Brien MS 8-3, Olberding-Coup Ab. def. Clark-Bowles SV 8-2, Bruce-Allen McP. def. Winter-Todd WTA 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: K.Martin-Mi.Martin Hes. def. DeMeyer-Hutton Buh. 8-1, Bruce-Allen McP. def. Olberding-Coup Ab. 8-7 (7-3). Consolation: Brown-O’Brien MS def. Peterson-Dauer SV-x 8-5, Clark-Bowles SV def. Winter-Todd WTA 8-7 (7-5).

Medal round — First: Bruce-Allen McP. def. Mi.Martin-K.Martin Hes. 8-1. Third: Olberding-Coup Ab. def. DeMeyer-Hutton Buh. 8-5. Fifth: Clark-Bowles SV def. Brown-O’Brien MS 8-3. Seventh: Winter-Todd WTA def. Peterson-Dauer SV-x 8-6.

Second doubles

Quarterfinals — Carlson-Achilles McP. def. Matney-Gish WTA 8-6, Smith-Hickert Buh. def. Yenni-Elliott SV 8-5, Unruh-Boles Hes. def. Crimi-Kissane MS 8-4, Rifel-Sampson Ab. def. Me.Martin-Dages Hes.-x 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Carlson-Achilles McP. def. Smith-Hickert Buh. 8-3, Riffel-Sampson Ab. def. Unruh-Boles Hes. 8-3. Consolation: Matney-Gish WTA def. Yenni-Elliott SV 8-2, Me.Martin-Deges Hes.-x def. Crimi-Kissane MS 8-1.

Medal round — First: Carlson-Achilles McP. def. Riffel-Sampson Ab. 8-4. Third: Unruh-Boles Hes. def. Smith-Hickert Buh. 8-4. Fifth: Matney-Gish WTA def. Me.Martin-Deges Hes.-x 8-2. Seventh: Yenni-Elliott SV def. Crimi-Kissane MS 8-1.