An iconic downtown building is about to go up for sale as two law offices merge.

Cornerstone Law, owned by Steve Johnson, is merging with Sizemore Burns and Gillmore. The combined firms will operate as Cornerstone Law Group LLC, with offices on East Fifth Street in the Newton Train Station. 

"We had been talking about it," Johnson said. "I said, 'this feels good' and he said 'I think so too.'"

That means what is now cornerstone law, 725 N. Main at the intersection of Main and Seventh Street, will be going up for sale. The building served as a post office when it was built. When the post office moved, the Newton USD 373 school district took the building over and used it as office space for several years. When the district moved out, it then sat empty until Cornerstone Law took ownership.

Cornerstone Law renovated the inside of the building, adding new heating and air and creating a meeting space in a room in the back.

The law office will now move to another historically significant building, the Newton Train Station. The Sizemore Burns and Gillmore office occupies what was once a Harvey House restaurant.

"He has some office space he is not using, we need to get it cleaned out and things moved in," Johnson said. "It was a tough decision to make. I put a lot into that building, but this is a good thing. He is already set up. We can walk in and there is an office. If we brought them over to us, we would spending months doing remodeling."