The resignation of Justice Kennedy has caused a great deal of debate about the selection of a new Justice and the impact that may have the issue of women’s right to an abortion.

Conspicuously missing from these debates is the impact on the baby being aborted. That child has far more invested in the abortion than does the mother. The baby would have chosen life, but it has no right to choose.

The welfare of baby is ignored in the abortion debate. The baby is fully human. The baby has a life of its own. The baby has a right to life. The life of the baby is worthy of protection. Ignoring that is callous in the extreme.

Abortion is a brutal bloody procedure. In many cases the baby is torn limb from limb. In other cases the baby is scalded by lethal chemicals. If you did that to a puppy or a kitten you would rightfully be put in jail! But if you do that to a fellow human being it is good, just procedure. Just if you do it in the womb. Or you could put the newborn on a cold table and let the baby die of exposure.

All in the name of goodness and mercy — and the big bucks involved.

— Carl Johnson, Hesston.