Make sure to vote

In the 2014 primary election, which included the last vote for Kansas governor, only 20.2% of registered voters in Kansas cast a vote, according to the Kansas Secretary of State’s data. In Harvey Country, the turnout was 27.4%.

We can do better. More of us should participate this time around.

You don’t have to wait until August 7 to vote at your local polling place. You can download an Application for Advance Ballot by Mail from the Harvey County Clerk and Election Office website. If you mail the application, the ballot will be mailed to you, beginning on July 18. The deadline for requesting the advance ballot is July 31. The ballot must be post-marked on or before August 7.

Another option is the Early Voting In-Person at the Harvey County Courthouse Community Room from July 24 to August 6.

Voters from both major parties will have a lot to vote for in this primary. Let’s use our political power. Vote in the primary.


Dave Osborne, Hesston