MOUNDRIDGE — A woman charged in connection with the deaths of three people in the 8600 block of Spring Lake Road near Alta Mills between Hesston and Moundridge Oct. 30, 2016, has pleaded guilty to charges in federal court.

Myrta Rangel entered her plea this week to federal charges for her role in the killings of Travis Street, 33, of Moundridge; Angela May Graevs, 37, of Moundridge; and Richard Prouty, 52, of Newton. The charges involved Rangel giving a gun to her then boyfriend Jereme Nelson, who is facing capital murder and first-degree murder charges in the slayings.

Police found the victims dead outside a home where Street and Graevs lived in rural Moundridge, bewteen Moundridge and Hesston. The couple's toddler was found alive and unharmed in the house.

According to the Harvey County Sheriff's Office, an 18-month old child was found in the home, alive and well. The child’s parents were among the victims of the shooting. The child was taken to other family for care.

Nelson, Rangel and her estranged husband in Mexico had arranged to sell methamphetamine to Street, according to Rangel's plea agreement. The meth shipments would initially go through Nelson before reaching Street, but the drugs eventually bypassed Nelson and went directly to Street.

Rangel gave Nelson a handgun because she knew he was going to Street's house to collect a drug debt, the agreement said. Nelson drove to Street's home, where he shot all three victims in the head. Prouty was at the house to buy meth, according to the plea.

The couple was captured Jan. 12, 2017, in Mexico and turned over to U.S. law enforcement.

Rangel pleaded guilty to transferring a firearm she knew would be used to commit a drug trafficking crime and to giving a firearm to a convicted felon. She's scheduled for sentencing Sept. 19, the same day Nelson is due in court for a preliminary hearing.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report