GOESSEL — Whether you're just learning to drive or have been a road warrior for decades, it is always a good idea to know how to care for your car.

Goessel Public Library will offer a series of workshops on automobile upkeep in July at 101 S. Cedar St. in Goessel.

The program, which is free and open to the public, will be led by Zachary Behrens, owner of Behrens Automotive.

Behrens has more than 10 years experience as a mechanic and works on cars, scooters, bicycles and more.

"My goal is to keep people safe on the road," Behrens said.

By knowing how to perform a brief safety check on your vehicle before it leaves the garage, you can avert disaster on the open road.

"I want to teach people in this workshop that your safety is just as important as the next person's and you don't have to be a mechanic to check those things," Behrens said.

The workshops will include a session on the fluids a vehicle needs to run properly and one on the different factors vehicle owners need to know about how to maintain their tires.

"The reason why I'm going over this information is it's basic necessities about what you need to know about your vehicle," Behrens said. "These are things people need to know and sometimes new vehicles make it difficult to find out. Every vehicle has its own maintenance requirements."

Other information presented in the workshops will detail how to do an oil change and check a vehicle's suspension.

"You can checks for creaks and cracks and see if it needs new struts," Behrens said.

How to care for your vehicle in extreme weather, what products to use in its maintenance and what online resources are available for vehicle owners will also be part of the automobile upkeep workshops.

"The workshop is so that you can take (your vehicle) home and essentially look at it yourself," Behrens said.

Some websites can aid in determining repair cost estimates. Some have videos that show how to do repairs and give owners an idea if they can perform the work themselves.

"People need to have this info so they don't get messed over," Behrens said. "The industry has a bad name for treating the dumb like they're rich, whether it's a young kid where dad's going to foot the bill or an older lady that comes in with a 2016 Audi. They think just because they have the money and no knowledge that they can gouge them on this stuff."

Behrens will also talk about how to find information about your vehicle and know if other repairs should be done when taking it in for service.

"I always tell people, take your car two or three places to get it checked," Behrens said. "It may be worth it to get a second opinion."

Participants will also be able to ask questions in the workshops.

"I'm not here to take business from anybody, I'm here to promote what will save you money in the long run," Behrens said.

For a complete schedule of the automobile upkeep workshops, call Goessel Public Library at 620-367-8440 or email goeslib@mtelco.net.