Tsaichu Cheng's bike race across the United States came to a painful, abrupt halt in Harvey County.

Cheng, 44, from Mountain View, California, was southbound in the 6100 Block of North Ridge Road when he was struck by a car driven by Michelle Watson, 17, Hutchinson at 10:40 p.m. June 18.

According to a facebook paged dedicated to his ride and updated by family, Cheng had surgery on his neck Junr 21. His spinal cord was bruised in the accident. Surgery repaired two of his vertebrae to prevent any further damage. Cheng  currently does not have fine control of his hands or feet and cannot feel when he is touched on his lower body. He previosuly had surgery on his pelvis.

Cheng suffered multiple injuries in the accident.

According to the Harvey County Sheriff's Office, Cheng was southbound and struck from behind just north of NW 60th. He was thrown into the west ditch of Ridge Road. He was transported to the hospital with critical injuries.

Cheng was participating in the TransAm Bike Race, a 4,300 mile race from Oregon to Virginia along the Trans America Trail. This is the fifth annual TransAm Bike Race. There are 114 riders in the race. About half of the registered riders have passed through Newton thus far, with the other half coming in the days ahead. 

Newton, and specifically the Newton Bike Shop, is a designated stop along the route.